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Don't just survive struggles. Thrive in them!

Discover how you can actually thrive in the midst of life’s challenges when you ask for
the 8-message CD series Relentless Faith. See details below.

Don't just survive struggles. Thrive in them!
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Dear PowerPoint Subscriber,

If there’s one word that describes the stress you and I face each day, it would have to be the word relentless. Sometimes it can feel like the minute one struggle passes, another one pops up to take its place.

But the good news is that Jesus is intimately aware of your struggles… and He hasn’t left you to wade your way through the trials of life alone.

With His help you can face those relentless struggles with a kind of Relentless Faith that doesn’t just merely survive in the midst of those challenges… it thrives!

To help you discover what this kind of faith can look like in your life, I want to send you my new 8-message CD series called Relentless Faith. So please request it today.

Thank you for your generous online gift to help PowerPoint continue to push back the darkness in our world!

In Christ,

Jack Graham
PowerPoint Ministries


Don’t just survive struggles – thrive in them! In Jack Graham’s new CD series, Relentless Faith, you’ll learn how to meet the relentless pressure you face with a strong and relentless faith in Christ!    This special 8-message CD series is our gift to bless you for your donation to PowerPoint.
Request yours today
Jack Graham. PowerPoint Ministries.

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