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TH Daily - February 05 - Bill O'Reilly, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Oliver North, Debra J. Saunders, Kathryn Lopez and More

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Is this the End of America?
A wealthy U.S. businessman says that in 2011, America will experience one big radical change. This shocking prediction has actually nothing to do with the stock market - but it could affect everything about the way you live, shop, travel, and even retire. If you care about your family, I strongly encourage you to watch the free video presentation, which explains everything you need to know... Click here for the full details.
Talking with the President
Bill O'Reilly:

I will be conducting a live interview with President Obama a few hours before the Super Bowl game begins on Sunday. The chat is scheduled to last about 12 minutes and is fraught with danger -- for me, not for the president. ... more

Republicans Poised to Win Senate
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann:

I know we predicted Republican Senate control in 2010. But this time -- honest -- we are going to win! ... more

Avoiding a Jimmy Carter Moment
Oliver North:

When Barack Obama went to Cairo in June 2009, he was lauded for seeking "a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world." ... more

Green Jobs Are Not Evergreen Jobs
Debra J. Saunders:

After receiving at least $43 million in aid from the state of Massachusetts, Evergreen Solar announced last month that it would be closing its manufacturing plant in Devens, Mass., laying off its 800 workers and moving its manufacturing operations to China. ... more

Jeb Bush: What's in a name?
Kathryn Lopez:

When Rep. Mike Pence of Indiana decided to announce recently that he isn't going to run for the Republican nomination for president -- and instead is likely to run for governor of his state -- you would have thought, from the reaction in some quarters, that he had committed the ultimate act of betrayal. ... more

Sphinx Without a Riddle
Paul Greenberg:

Like all modern revolutions since the fashion was introduced in Paris, events in Egypt proceed a la francaise: in a series of successive shocks from right to left till the pendulum swings as far as it can, trembles for an uncertain moment (the Reign of Terror), and then swings back toward autocracy. ... more

What Would Reagan Do About Egypt?
Ken Blackwell:

We're about to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's birth. As much as I would like to praise that great and good man, I have to wonder what he would do about Egypt? ... more

Is this the End of America?

A wealthy U.S. businessman says that in 2011, America will experience one big radical change. This shocking prediction has actually nothing to do with the stock market - but it could affect everything about the way you live, shop, travel, and even retire. If you care about your family, I strongly encourage you to watch the free video presentation, which explains everything you need to know??? Click here for the full details.

Ohio Mother is Modern Day Rosa Parks
Kyle Olson:

Perhaps you've heard about Kelley Williams-Bolar, the Ohio mother who was recently tried and convicted for falsifying residency records so her daughters could attend a better school where they would receive a quality education. ... more

Israel and Arab Democracy
Caroline Glick:

Whether they are democrats or autocrats, we fully expect they will continue to hate us. ... more

What Reagan Would Do
Robert Knight:

We knew things weren't good, but nearly one seventh of all Americans on food stamps? Forty-three million people? ... more

Hiding Behind Egypt
Rich Galen:

It wasn't exactly under the cover of darkness, but it was under the cover of the ongoing drama in Egypt that the U.S. Senate attempted a vote on repealing Obamacare. ... more

Mideast Bribery Done Right
David Harsanyi:

If the recent media coverage of the Middle East has taught the American public one thing, it's this: All journalists are, evidently, also qualified Egyptologists. ... more

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Internment-themed play "The Betrayed" coming to Torrance, Feb 26, 2PM

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Internment-themed play "The Betrayed" coming to Torrance, Feb 26, 2:00 PM


Play The Betrayed

"The Betrayed," a play by Nisei playwright Hiroshi Kashiwagi, will be performed on Saturday, February 26 at 2 p.m. at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Toyota Meeting Hall, in Torrance. 


Produced by the Grateful Crane Ensemble, the two-act play deals with the real-life conflict caused by two government-issued "loyalty" questions imposed upon Japanese Americans in February 1943, and how these questions separated individuals-and an entire community-into two opposing factions.


"At its core, the play is a love story," said Soji Kashiwagi, Executive Producer of the Grateful Crane Ensemble, and son of the playwright.  "A country boy from California falls in love with a city girl from Seattle at the Tule Lake concentration camp for Japanese Americans during WWII.  Everything is fine until they end up on opposite sides of questions #27 and #28, and break up because of it."


In Act II, 40 years have passed and we meet Tak and Grace again and discover how these questions, and their decisions back in camp affected them for the rest of their lives.


 "My father has written a play that shines a light on both sides of controversy, and through these two characters, our hope is to bring much needed understanding and healing to an issue that remains unresolved in our community," said Kashiwagi.


Directed by Darrell Kunitomi, with original music by Scott Nagatani, the show features Brian Takahashi and Diana Toshiko as the young couple in camp, and Kurt Kuniyoshi and Helen Ota as Tak and Grace 40 years later.  Mary Kageyama Nomura, aka the "Songbird of Manzanar," will also be on hand to sing a special song at the top of the show.


After the show, playwright Hiroshi Kashiwagi and Seattle-based Nisei author Mary Matsuda Gruenewald will present a special post-show panel presentation. 


Kashiwagi, 88, will talk about being a "No-No Boy," and how the stigma attached to it has affected him throughout his life.  Gruenewald, 86, will share how a sister of a Nisei veteran was able to reach a new understanding of the "No No" position after researching her autobiography, and listening to Kashiwagi's story.


After the presentations, audience members will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in a community dialogue about a subject long-considered "untouchable" within the Japanese American community.


Originally funded by a grant from the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP), the Torrance production of "The Betrayed" is sponsored in part by Hiroshi & Sadako Kashiwagi.


The Torrance Cultural Arts Center is located at 3330 Civic Center Drive in Torrance.  Plenty of free parking is available. General admission tickets are $25.  Seating is on a first-come, first served basis.  For tickets and reservations, call the Grateful Crane hotline at (323) 769-5503.  For more information on the Grateful Crane Ensemble, check out its website at www.gratefulcrane.com. 

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