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TH Daily - March 20 - Doug Giles, Ashton Therrel, Steve Chapman, Austin Hill, Salena Zito and More

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Tiger Mother, Meet Lion Dad!
Doug Giles:

I have not yet read what Tiger Mother Amy Chua penned in her book regarding why Chinese mothers blow western moms away in raising sharp, solid kids, but having just gotten back from the mall I'm already siding with Chua. ... more

When Does "No" Mean "No"?
Ashton Therrel:

Can Thousands Of Flight Attendants Say "No" To A Union And Have Their Voices And Views Heard And Respected? ... more

Nuclear Power's Unchanging Plight
Steve Chapman:

Just as congressional Republicans and the Obama administration had been pushing nuclear power, the disaster in Japan arrived to complicate matters. Proponents of atomic energy fear an unfair, crippling backlash ... more

Boehner Must Champion Congressional Pay Cuts
Austin Hill:

Since the 112th Congress first convened on January 3rd of this year, the U.S. House of Representatives has been aggressively pursuing an agenda of cutting government spending. ... more

Barbour Ramps Up His Game
Salena Zito:

Whether you sit across from him or watch him speak to a crowd, you are instantly aware that Haley Barbour is very comfortable in his own skin. His confidence is inviting, not arrogant. ... more

Failing to Protect Our Own in America's Nursing Homes
Ken Connor:

In an economy that is increasingly calibrated for a two-person income, millions of parents across the country rely on some form of professional child care in order to meet the demands of their busy lives. ... more

Barbour Ramps Up His Game
Salena Zito:

Republican Haley Barbour sat in one of those beige hotel meeting rooms that fill this city of endless meetings. Nearing the end of his second and final term as Mississippi's governor, he hasn't formally declared but clearly is on the verge of running for president. ... more

Television goes first
Paul Jacob:

First things first, last things last, and, when trimming budgets, the last shall be first. ... more

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