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TH Daily - April 02 - Bill O'Reilly, John Ransom, Brent Bozell, Larry Kudlow, Hugh Hewitt and More

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Leadership Will Be a Key Issue in 2012 Presidential Election
Bill O'Reilly:

The big issues that will most likely decide the election of 2012 are the economy and leadership. And now there's new data on the leadership front. ... more

Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers
John Ransom:

We discovered once again, as Lincoln once said of a contemporary, that Obama can squeeze the smallest idea into the greatest number of words of anyone who has ever been president. We also learned that when things get really tough and leadership is called for, Obama takes his cues from Hillary, just like the 3AM video from Saturday Night Live. ... more

Of Gods and Men
Brent Bozell:

The Democratic leader of the Senate vowed Friday that any compromise on a government-wide spending bill won't include GOP proposals blocking the Environmental Protection Agency from enforcing new rules on greenhouse gases or regulations on a host of other issues. ... more

A Reelection Jobs Report? If so, thank the GOP
Larry Kudlow:

So it looks like Republican tax cuts have saved Obama from himself. And the GOP ought to stay on this tax-cutting path as they move toward limiting the budget. Full-throated flat-tax reform to lower marginal rates and broaden the base will create brand new incentives for growth and jobs. ... more

John Boehner: Rock or Rolled?
Hugh Hewitt:

Canny House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier went out of his way to remind me and my audience this week that House Speaker John Boehner was a "devout Roman Catholic." ... more

Jimmy Carter Charms the Castro Brothers in Havana
Humberto Fontova:

Embracing a recent invitation by the Castro brothers Jimmy Carter visited Cuba this week. "We greeted each other as old friends," gushed Carter regarding his meeting with Fidel Castro. ... more

Power for the People
Paul Driessen:

You cannot champion the poor, but support anti-energy policies that perpetuate poverty. ... more

"Must Buy" Stock of 2011

Tech stocks across the board are cheap right now. But that doesn't necessarily mean you need to dive in headfirst and expose yourself to the whole sector. According to our research, there are a select few tech picks that look extremely promising for 2011. Discover them all in this FREE report.

Frances Fox Piven and Richard Trumka Join Forces April 5th
Kyle Olson:

The far left has attempted to portray their elderly hero, Frances Fox Piven, as a lonely shut-in who spends her time knitting mittens and eating Werther's Originals in her New York apartment. But the truth is that age has not dampened Piven's appetite for radical socialist political activities. ... more

American Jewry's Fight
Caroline Glick:

According to mountainous survey evidence, the American Jewish community writ large remains deeply supportive of Israel. ... more

Keeping the Fight Alive
Kathryn Lopez:

"We can't leave our troops on the beach." ... more

What's the "Flicker" Uncle Sucker's Helping?
Diana West:

This week, the commander of NATO, U.S. Adm. James Stavridis, let the jihad out of the bag. ... more

Budget Battles: The Good, the Bad and the Thrifty
Donald Lambro:

Voters sent a loud, angry message to President Obama and Congress last November that government is too big, and spends too much. Cut it. ... more

Corrupt Elections are Undermining Governance
Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:

In state after state corruption is beginning to undermine the credibility of the fairness of elections. ... more

It's Time, Mr. President: A Time for Clarity
Paul Greenberg:

When, oh, when is the Obama administration going to recognize the rebels in Benghazi as that country's legitimate government? ... more

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