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Culturebox: You're Parking Wrong

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You're Parking Wrong
Why it's almost always better to back into a space than pull into it head-on.
By Tom Vanderbilt
Posted Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2011, at 4:06 PM ET

Is backing in safer? Click image to expand.There are myriad moments in everyday life when some common behavior can be performed in one of two ways, thus cleaving the world into two bitterly feuding camps, capable of using strongly held convictions, pseudo-scientific explanations, and rough psychological profiling to denigrate or dismiss the other side. The most notorious instance: The great "under" or "over" toilet paper roll debate.

On my blog, I was recently reminded of one of these almost-invisible, yet strangely polarizing, social behaviors, this time from the world of traffic. A reader named Jeff wanted to know:

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