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TH Daily - March 27 - Doug Giles, Debra J. Saunders, David Stokes, Salena Zito, Steve Chapman and More

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Islamists' Plan to Destroy America from Within

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Glee's Not for Me
Doug Giles:

Vickie offended a seminal creed of the Church of PC ... more

Gadhafi -- the Mad Dog Who Trumped the World
Debra J. Saunders:

Every American should look at Libya through the prism of the 1988 Pan Am 103 terrorist bombing that left 270 people dead. ... more

Of Sweatshops And Classrooms
David Stokes:

On March 25, 1911—exactly 100 years ago—approximately 500 workers were crafting "shirtwaists," blouses with puffy sleeves and tight waists. ... more

GOP Foolishly Ignores Recall Battle in Wisconsin
Salena Zito:

Perhaps we all looked away too quickly in Wisconsin. The two sides in Wisconsin did not drop their weapons. They just settled into high-stakes trench warfare. ... more

Obama and the Ghost of '68
Steve Chapman:

In 2008, Democratic voters had their pick of many candidates for president -- from Hillary Clinton to John Edwards to Joe Biden. Why did they choose Barack Obama? ... more

Slouching Toward Mediocrity
Ken Connor:

It's deja vu all over again in Washington, as Republicans and Democrats face off over the budget and the possibility of a government shut-down looms on the horizon. ... more

Collaps of the Obama Worldview
Austin Hill:

The Obama worldview has collapsed. But what does this mean for American influence in the future? ... more

Beautiful losers
Paul Jacob:

The silver lining in a losing initiative campaign is that there's always a sliver of hope for the future. ... more

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