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Death Fog, Devil’s Bible, Mongolian Death Worm and an Alaska State Trooper Marathon this Week on Nat Geo

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March 21 - 27

 Photo: Alaska State Troopers
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Alaska State Troopers
SUNDAY Marathon starting at 12P et


This Sunday, starting at noon, join National Geographic for a day of Alaska State Troopers. On a new episode at 9P, Troopers and Anchorage PD chase down thieves and smugglers, set up prostitution stings with the VICE squad, catch drunk drivers, regulate moose and caribou hunts, and greet Buddy, a famous dog who saved his family from a fire.

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This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Death Fog
Death Fog
TONIGHT at 8P et/pt
Nat Geo investigates the controversial discovery of a new and lethal natural born killer responsible for nearly 2,000 deaths in Cameroon during the mid 1980's.
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 Photo: Devil's Bible
Devil's Bible
TUESDAY at 8P et/pt

A team of scholars and scientists embark on an unprecedented quest to unravel the secrets of the Codex Gigas, often called the Devil's Bible, the world's largest medieval manuscript.
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 Photo: Fish Warrior
Fish Warrior: Texas Titan
- NEW - FRIDAY at 8P et/pt
In Texas, adventure angler and conservationist Jakub Vagner is on a quest to find a prehistoric river goliath with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth: the alligator gar. With the largest gars at risk of disappearing, Jakub helps scientists to protect the species while trying to bring in a true "Texas Titan."
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 Photo: Beast Hunter

Beast Hunter:
Mongolian Death Worm

- NEW - FRIDAY at 9P et/pt
Pat Spain heads deep into the Gobi Desert to investigate the truth behind the so-called Mongolian Death Worm, a freakish desert dwelling creature which supposedly has the ability to spray acid, send out electric shocks and explode when threatened.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Storm Worlds
Storm Worlds
THURSDAY at 8P et/pt

Some of the wildest weather in the universe rages in outer space. What would happen if it came down to earth? Nat Geo imagines the unimaginable, harnessing alien storms and playing them out on our planet.
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Also From National Geographic
 Photo: Japan Tsunami Photos
Japan Tsunami, Before and After

View zoomable satellite pictures of Japan before and after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that spawned a deadly tsunami.

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 Photo: Lofty Ambitions of the Inca
Lofty Ambitions of the Inca

Rising from obscurity to the heights of power, a succession of Andean rulers sculpted mountains, and forged a mighty empire.

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Mon 3/21
Tue 3/22
Wed 3/23
Thu 3/24
Fri 3/25
Sat 3/26
Sun 3/27
8P et/pt
Death Fog
Devil's Bible
American Nazis
Naked Science: Storm Worlds
Fish Warrior: Texas Titan
- NEW -
Alaska State Troopers: Anchorage Undercover
9P et/pt
The Whale that Ate Jaws
Hard Time: Worst of the Worst
Chinatown Mafia
Ultimate Factories: Bentley
Beast Hunter: Mongolian Death Worm
- NEW -
Alaska State Troopers: Operation Moose Decoy
Alaska State Troopers: Vice Squad
- NEW -
10P et/pt
Explorer: Inside Guantanamo
Hard Time: The Hustle
Beast Hunter: Swamp Monster of the Congo
Ultimate Factories: Porsche
World's Toughest Prisons
Alaska State Troopers: Anchorage Undercover
Alaska State Troopers: Dazed and Confused
- NEW -

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