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TH Daily - April 30 - Elisabeth Meinecke, John Ransom, Brian Birdnow, Howard Rich, Kathryn Lopez and More

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Big Government and Small Business: The Effect of Federal Policy on Job Creation
Elisabeth Meinecke:

At a recent stop by the Small Business Administration's Jobs Act tour in Washington, D.C., small business owners seemed divided about the effects federal policy is having on their companies. ... more

Supermen Step on Obama Cape
John Ransom:

Things have gotten so complicated for the front men of U.S policy that they are tripping over their own capes. ... more

Quest 2012: Obama And His Challengers
Brian Birdnow:

The most recent polls show President Obama leading all of his potential GOP opponents and, in fact easily defeating most of them in hypothetical 2012 elections. The common reaction, even among seasoned commentators and politicos at this point is to shrug ones shoulders and say: "Who Cares?" ... more

Union Battles: A Window for Parental Choice
Howard Rich:

The defensive struggle that's currently being waged by America's public sector unions has the potential to usher in a renaissance of parental choice in our nation – assuming supporters of academic freedom are willing to seize this opportunity and resist the urge to settle for half-measures. ... more

No Trump Bid
Kathryn Lopez:

Thank goodness for the royal wedding! It took U.S. media attention off Donald Trump for a few minutes. ... more

Carbon and Carbon Dioxide: Clearing Up the Confusion
Paul Driessen:

We are constantly bombarded with information – much of it inaccurate, misleading, even deliberately so. ... more

Netanyahu's Time to Choose
Caroline Glick:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's response to the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority's peace deal with Hamas would be funny if it weren't tragic. Immediately after the news broke of the deal Netanyahu announced, "The PA must choose either peace with Israel or peace with Hamas. There is no possibility for peace with both." ... more

Obama's Critics Win a Round
Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:

Mao taught his follower, "Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed." Obama practices his politics as the master taught. ... more

Birth Certificate
Rich Galen:

I have given a great deal of thought to the whole birth certificate thing. Like you, I wondered why, if it had been available all this time, Obama didn't just ask for it two years ago and put this nonsense to bed. ... more

Is the Party Over?
Ken Connor:

Let's not kid ourselves: The policy train in American government has largely been driven by powerful special interests. These enterprises invest enormous amounts of time and money in political campaigns in order to ensure that their agenda is advanced on Capitol Hill. ... more

Sanity Continues Losing Ground In School Culture Wars, Part I
Kyle Olson:

Public schools continue to be a battleground in the culture war, as the education establishment – composed primarily of leftists bent on political correctness – gains more ground. ... more

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