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Soul Surfer Rides Wave of Faith, Resilience -- April 8, 2011

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Movie Reviews

Soul Surfer Rides Wave of Faith, Resilience
Christian Hamaker
Soul Surfer inspires in its depiction of overcoming physical setbacks and the role faith plays in the lives of surfer Bethany Hamilton and her close-knit family.
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Add Arthur to the List of Needless Remakes
Christa Banister
This time around the titular role is played by none other than Russell Brand, who's really more of an acquired taste than the lovable everyman that Dudley Moore ever was.
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Love Takes Center Stage in Born to Be Wild
Christa Banister
Baby animals are nothing short of pure adorableness—something the documentary filmmakers definitely use to full crowd-pleasing effect in Born to Be Wild.
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The 5th Quarter Fumbles Attempt to Inspire
Susan Ellingburg
This could have been a touching tribute to the power of inspiration. Instead, The 5th Quarter is like one of those "issue of the week" made-for-TV movies.
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Make a Defense: We Can Answer Life's Big Questions
Chuck Colson
Have you ever shied away from a conversation about science versus faith? Well, you don't have to.
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Faith and The Church

How to Engage Your Ministry's Volunteers
Whitney Hopler
Do you have trouble recruiting good volunteers to contribute to your ministry's work, or sadly watch good volunteers quit when you still need their help?
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Don't Parent in Isolation
Elisabeth Corcoran
I used to be the kind of mom that felt threatened when others offered help or advice -- as if I weren't a good enough mother in my own right.
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Today's Devotional

Redeemer (from "The Connection Devotional with Skip Heitzig")
Christ also suffered once for sins... that He might bring us to God (1 Pet. 3:18).
Jesus, our Redeemer, is my favorite subject.
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Nat Geo Environment: Organic Gardening, Your Spring Photos, Nuclear Energy Quiz, Environment News, and More

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April 2011
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Sow organic seeds, harvest rainwater, clear out the cobwebs with environmentally friendly cleaners, and enjoy pictures of spring in bloom.
Join the thousands who stay up-to-date on helpful, and sometimes quirky news related to energy, water, natural disasters, biodiversity, and more. @NatGeoGreen >

  Annual grains feed the world, but they create problems. Perennials are thrifty. Their long roots hold on to soil, water, and fertilizer, which means less pollution.

  You know that Fukushima Daiichi is one of the worst nuclear power crises, but how much do you really know about energy generated by fission?

  Join leading environmental thinkers at National Geographic's annual exchange of ideas and solutions, May 30-June 2 in Aspen.


  Scientists descend to a fiery lava lake to protect a Congolese city in its path.

  Demand for fresh, local, and often organic goods has fueled a surge in farmers markets nationwide.

  Scientists are experimenting with "green" microbes in the lab that could someday be used to gobble up oil spills along coastlines without damaging the environment.

  If radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant continues to enter the ocean, animals could suffer "bizarre mutations" or worse.

  A new study reveals that salmon navigating the most arduous routes for their once-in-a-lifetime migration have bigger hearts and may be the best suited to cope with warming waters.

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