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TH Daily - April 23 - Bill O'Reilly, John Ransom, Humberto Fontova, Kyle Olson, Ken Blackwell and More

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Can the Republicans Save President Obama?
Bill O'Reilly:

With President Obama now in full campaign mode, the question becomes: Can he win re-election despite some misgivings from the vast majority of the American people? ... more

Saudis, Soros and Other Billionaires We Finance
John Ransom:

Soros has been accused of participating in attacks on currencies in Thailand, the UK and Russia, although he denies the charge. Is the US dollar next? ... more

On Earth Day, Thank a Hunter
Humberto Fontova:

'In 1970, a Senator from Wisconsin named Gaylord Nelson raised his voice and called on every American to take action on behalf of the environment," read President Obama's Earth Day proclamation last year. "In the four decades since, millions of Americans have heeded that call and joined together to protect the planet we share." ... more

Dear Unionized Teachers: Quit Yer Bellyachin'
Kyle Olson:

As state governments continue to grapple with labor and legacy costs, we've seen government employee unions respond with massive rallies and publicity stunts. ... more

EPA's Train Wreck Could Leave Many in the Dark
Ken Blackwell:

Even with 14 million Americans out of work and an economy still searching for light at the end of the tunnel, the EPA is poised to enact a series of back-door mandates that will stifle economic growth. ... more

Political Payback – Oregon Style
Paul Driessen:

OSU tries to expel PhD candidate-children of the scientist who ran against Congressman Peter DeFazio. ... more

The False Choice of Raising Taxes to Cut Deficits
Jim Gilmore:

Credit former Vice President Walter Mondale. His call last Sunday for higher taxes in a national opinion column comes as bold and clear as his infamous 1984 pledge to the Democratic National Convention to raise taxes if elected president. ... more

'Atlas' Movie Is Stirring But Overly Messianic
John Andrews:

Atlas Shrugged is not great literature, and this isn't great cinema. But as an indictment of false collectivist compassion, it works. ... more

Sterilizing Those Pesky Humans: Earth Day with Paul Ehrlich
Paul Kengor:

Every April 22 is Earth Day. As one who studies Soviet Russia, I can't help but notice that the day coincides with the birthday of Vladimir Lenin. The inaugural Earth Day occurred April 22, 1970, no less than Lenin's birth centennial. ... more

Obamatizing the Church
Janice Shaw Crouse:

Just as Barack Obama wants to change what it means to be America, controversial author Rob Bell wants to change what it means to be Christian. ... more

Obama's Altruistic Foreign Policy
Caroline Glick:

If only in the interest of intellectual hygiene, it would be refreshing if the Obama administration would stop ascribing moral impetuses to its foreign policy. ... more

The Kids Are Alright
Kathryn Lopez:

Young people understand human lives to be great gifts that should be offered in creative service, not spent in desperation or in demeaning disjointed or selfish ways. ... more

Will It Be Goodbye John Boehner?
Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:

John Boehner will be writing his own political obituary if he capitulates again to Barack Obama and raises the debt ceiling of the US government. ... more

More Kinetic Military Action
Rich Galen:

About the time President Obama was goofing it up at Google, he was also approving a fairly dramatic escalation in America's involvement in Libya by agreeing to utilize armed Predator Drones to rain fire down on Mohamar Gaddafi's forces. ... more

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