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TH Daily - February 11 - Michelle Malkin, David Limbaugh, Cal Thomas, Pat Buchanan, Mona Charen and More

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De-Fund the Predators of Planned Parenthood
Michelle Malkin:

Thanks to the persistent investigative work of young pro-life journalists, Planned Parenthood's ruthless, money-grubbing colors are on full, fresh YouTube display. ... more

GOP Infighting Is a Positive Development
David Limbaugh:

>While The New York Times is gloating over "turmoil" in the GOP House "ranks," internal disagreements over spending and other issues are a healthy development and should lead to more disciplined and aggressive action. ... more

Told You So
Cal Thomas:

One of liberalism's many problems is that once an idea or program is proved wrong and unworkable, liberals rarely acknowledge their mistake and examine the root cause of their error so they don't repeat it. ... more

Bush's New 'Axis of Evil'
Pat Buchanan:

George W. Bush must have been the despair of the history department of every school his daddy managed to get him into. ... more

When They Grow Up
Mona Charen:

Companies are quietly redesigning their products to accommodate the needs of (shh, don't say it aloud) aging baby boomers. ... more

Egypt and American Decline
Michael Gerson:

For those who are prone to be prone to such things, recent events in Egypt are further evidence of declining American global influence. ... more

JFK and Ronald Reagan: Two "Classic Liberals" You Could Count On
Matt Towery:

Liberals and Democrats go nuts whenever any columnist dares to suggest that John F. Kennedy had more in common with Ronald Reagan than he did with, say, Kennedy's brother Bobby during the latter's bid for the presidency in 1968; or with another brother, Ted Kennedy, during most of his career in the U.S. Senate. ... more

Slaying Sacred Cows
Linda Chavez:

House Democrats have been taunting Republicans to come up with concrete budget cuts ever since the GOP rode to victory last November on a platform of reducing spending. ... more

Cutting Crime. Cutting Costs. Reinforcing Conservatism.
Marc Levin:

Along with scores of conservative Republicans, right-of-center values won the 2010 midterm elections, as the principles of limited government, reduced spending and public-sector accountability earned the frustrated public's support. ... more

I Hate to Burst Your Bubble; U.S. Government Is To Blame
Donald Lambro:

The Democratic-run investigative panel's 600-page report on what caused the financial crisis was promptly thrown onto a dusty shelf, where most congressional inquiries are soon forgotten, late last month. ... more

Reagan's Farewell Regret: Deficit He'd Put Nation on Track to Eliminate
Terry Jeffrey:

When Ronald Reagan delivered his farewell address more than two decades ago, he cited one regret: a continuing deficit he had put the nation on track to eliminate. ... more

No Matter What Their U.S. Name, They're the Muslim Brotherhood
Diana West:

The "Supreme Guide" of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad Mahdi Akef, while praising Osama bin Laden, urged teaching young people "the principles of jihad so as to create mujahidin who love to die as much as others love to live." ... more

De-fund Tort Reform Grants
Alex Cortes:

Republicans have become a bit of a broken record when it comes to tort reform. ... more

Not for a Faux Democracy
Suzanne Fields:

Democracy is more than a word. The protesting Egyptians and the watching world are learning that between the Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood stand a lot to overcome. ... more

New York's Publicity Hound Mayor
Brian Birdnow:

In a press conference last week New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg congratulated himself on having masterminded a sting operation wherein he sent undercover NYC agents to a gun show in Tucson, Arizona. ... more

Deferring to the Constitution
Anthony Sanders:

... more

Pyramid Scheme
Cliff May:

Amid a harmattan of news, analysis and commentary blowing out of Egypt, one Twitter post stands out. ... more

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