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Expedition Week Starts Sunday! Does Cannibalism Still Exist?

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March 28 - April 3

 Photo: Eating with Cannibals
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Expedition Week
- NEW - Starts THIS SUNDAY at 9P et/pt

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Expedition Week is back starting this Sunday with two premieres each night. Sunday at 9P, author and explorer Piers Gibbon looks at one of mankind's ultimate taboos: cannibalism. He'll trek into the rain forest of Papua New Guinea and meet with members of the once-feared Biami tribe who ate human flesh.

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This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Drugged
Drugged: 3 Episodes
TONIGHT starting at 8P et/pt
Getting "high" is an unquenchable national desire. Tonight, we'll take you beneath the skin to reveal how our bodies react to three common drugs: marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy.
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 Photo: Witness DC 9/11
Witness: DC 9/11
TUESDAY at 9P et/pt

Using raw sound and video, Witness: DC 9/11 reconstructs the events of September 11, 2001 in Washington, D.C., as first the nation, then the nation's capital, came under attack.
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 Photo: Dawn of the Ocean
Dawn of the Ocean
THURSDAY at 9P et/pt
Journey toward the ocean floor, where eternal darkness prevails. Scientists search for creatures that thrive in extreme conditions once believed too toxic to support any life.
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 Photo: Unlikely Animal Friends

Unlikely Animal Friends

FRIDAY at 9P and 10P et/pt
Friday, we'll reveal surprising animal odd couples and the heartwarming stories behind them - like the tortoise who adopts a baby hippo or the lion, tiger, and bear who became friends.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Finding Jack the Ripper
Finding Jack the Ripper
- NEW - SUN at 10P et/pt

Could Jack the Ripper have been the world's first trans-Atlantic serial killer? Can 21st century techniques crack this 19th century crime spree, while reversing decades of investigative assumptions?
Watch a Preview >>

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 Photo: Snow Frogs
Snow Frogs

Cold-blooded frogs can't be coy about romance when fleeting summer comes to the French Alps.

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 Photo: Inside Japan's Nuclear Plant
Inside Japan's Nuclear Plant

Photographs from inside the Fukushima Daiichi power plant show workers as they struggle, amid peril, to stabilize the damaged reactors.

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8P et/pt
Drugged: High on Cocaine
Giuliani's 9/11
The Skyjacker That Got Away
The Human Family Tree
Snakes That Fly
Wild Justice: Outlaw Hunters
Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers
9P et/pt
Drugged: High on Marijuana
Witness DC 9/11
Alaska State Troopers: Dazed and Confused
Dawn of the Ocean
Unlikely Animal Friends
Wild Justice: Night Patrol
Eating with Cannibals
- NEW -
10P et/pt
Drugged: High on Ecstasy
Explorer: Inside the DEA
Alaska State Troopers: Vice Squad
Unlikely Animal Friends 2
Frontier Force
Finding Jack the Ripper
- NEW -

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