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TH Daily - January 12 - Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, Brent Bozell, Jonah Goldberg and More

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The Worst Sheriff in America
Michelle Malkin:

There are many heroes who showed indomitable courage and grace under fire during this weekend's horrific Tucson massacre. Blowhard Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik was not one of them. ... more

Same as the Old Boss?
John Stossel:

Last year, I reported that the United States fell from sixth to eighth place in the Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal's 2010 Index of Economic Freedom. Now, we've fallen further. ... more

What Our Constitution Permits
Walter E. Williams:

John Adams warned, "A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever." I am all too afraid that's where our nation stands today and the blame lies with the American people. ... more

Liberal Sickos Exploit a Rampage
Brent Bozell:

Imagine the Saturday morning of congressional aide Mark Kimble. Kimble told of going to a Safeway for a typical meet-and-greet event with his boss, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Kimble said he went into the store for coffee, and as he came out, Giffords was talking to a couple about Medicare and reimbursements, and federal judge John Roll had just walked up to her and shouted "Hi" -- when a gunman opened fire. ... more

The Exploitive Rhetoric of Tragedy
Jonah Goldberg:

In the wake of the horrendous shooting rampage in Tucson, why isn't anyone talking about banning "Mein Kampf"? Or "The Communist Manifesto"? Or for that matter, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "The Phantom Tollbooth"? ... more

Palin, Krauthammer, and the Right Kind of Elitism
Michael Medved:

It's healthy, even natural, for Americans to feel populist resentment against elites that base their status through inherited wealth and family connections. But it's toxic, misguided and profoundly stupid to focus public hostility on leaders who achieved their positions through education, diligence and ability. ... more

There Are No Politics In Murder
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann:

The conventional wisdom of the media establishment that strident and outspoken political debate catalyzes violence is an absurdity. Telling people to "kill pigs" -- as the '60s radicals did -- in fact, encouraged violence. But vigorous political debate and strongly or even passionately held views have nothing whatever to do with the decision of some nut to kill a congressman or a president. ... more

Where Politics and Madness Merge
Michael Gerson:

When President John Kennedy visited Dallas in November 1963, he was greeted by a full-page newspaper ad accusing him of being a communist fellow traveler. ... more

Twenty Years After: Desert Storm's Air War
Austin Bay:

The Jan. 17, 1991, air attacks on Iraq that launched Operation Desert Storm two decades ago gave the world a spectacular look at the high-tech weaponry the United States had developed to thwart a Soviet invasion of Western Europe. ... more

Loughner Proves America's Youth at Risk
Marybeth Hicks:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the photographs of 9-year-old Christina Taylor-Green and her alleged killer, 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner, may speak volumes about American youth culture. ... more

Did Sarah Palin Make Him Do It?
Maggie Gallagher:

Americans reach for a larger meaning in tragedy when possible. We hate the truth that the attempted murder of a congresswoman was likely a random act of madness. ... more

Making the World Safe for Targets of Lunatics
Tony Blankley:

In the aftermath of the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and others, it is predictable that some self-centered politicians and political commentators quickly assumed the killer must have been provoked by political comments. ... more

School Choice Offers Opportunity for the Teaching Profession
Gary Beckner:

2011 is gearing up to be the year for education reform in America. With the education debate making headlines daily, it's clear that we will be seeing major changes in the year to come. ... more

Enter Daley, Cuomo: Liberalism to Come to a Halt
Donald Lambro:

Liberalism was running at full throttle in the Age of Obama until it collided with the 2010 midterm elections. ... more

Managing a Windfall: Don't Be Terrified Instead Be Proactive
Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:

Dear Carrie: On my 25th birthday, I gained control of a trust of $100,000 left to me by a family member. This is a lot of money for me, and I'm terrified of touching it. I've let the trust sit undisturbed for nearly a year, and I know I'm not taking full advantage of this opportunity. What do you suggest I do? ... more

The Lone Gunman Theory of Legislation
Jacob Sullum:

Jared Lee Loughner, the man accused of shooting 20 people outside a Tucson, Ariz., grocery store on Saturday, probably will never get a chance to create the "new money system" he discusses in one of his rambling YouTube videos. But he can still have an important effect on public policy -- if we let him. ... more

This 'Conversation' Is a Setup
David Harsanyi:

No doubt some of you are upset by the hysterical politicization of the murders in Tucson, Ariz. Be heartened that a new CBS poll found that 57 percent of respondents believed the political tone in the nation had nothing to do with this particular madman's rampage. ... more

Sudanese Crossroads
Caroline Glick:

On Sunday, the southern Sudanese began voting on a referendum to secede from the Republic of Sudan and establish their own sovereign nation. By all accounts, they will soon secede from the Arab, Islamic country and form an independent African, Christian and animist state. ... more

Vowing to "Never Forget" Family's Legacy, Saul Anuzis Fights for GOP Chair
Joel Mowbray:

Saul Anuzis, one of the leading candidates to head the Republican National Committee, broadly shares the same conservative principles as his opponents, but what makes him unique is his compelling family history that he believes would enable him to present the sharpest contrast with President Obama. ... more

Vermont Had No License to Censor Vanity Plates
Matthew Sharp:

It's fascinating that in a world where it is easier than ever for an individual to publish a lengthy discourse about any topic imaginable, our communications seem to be getting shorter and shorter. ... more

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