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How to discover the will of God

May 20, 2011

And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.

1 John 2:17

If you go to any church this Sunday, stand up in front of the congregation, and ask, “Who here wants to do the will of God?” you’d probably see most of the people raise their hands. But if instead you asked, “Who here knows how to find the will of God?” you probably would see a lot fewer hands go up! There’s so much ambiguity among believers when it comes to knowing God’s will. But there are three ways I believe God reveals his will to his people.

First, God will show you his will by his Word, the Bible. The better you know your Bible, the better you will know the will of God. It represents the thoughts of God, the ways of God, and shows how God operates. So as you search the Scriptures, God will speak to you.

Not only does God speak through his Word, but God speaks through his witness, the Holy Spirit. You can pray and ask God to speak to you through his Spirit and reveal his will to you that way.

Number three is God’s wisdom. We’re told that we can ask of God if we lack wisdom and he will fully and freely give it to us. Now, wisdom may come from within us, or it may come from others around us. But God wants to give us wisdom in our decisions.

So as you navigate the difficult decisions of life, trust in God’s Word, his witness of the Spirit, and his abundant wisdom to guide your paths and reveal his will to you!


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Dear Friend,

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In this booklet, I share how the tragedy of my father’s murder revealed to me God’s steady comfort during times of trial. And I share in this booklet the four promises God makes as you search for comfort in the midst of your doubts.

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It’s my prayer this resource will help you see how God works his good plans in you—especially during doubt-filled days!

Jack Graham

PowerPoint Ministries 

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TH Daily - May 20 - Michelle Malkin, Brent Bozell, Jonah Goldberg, David Limbaugh, John Ransom and More

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Adult Baby Syndrome
Michelle Malkin:

Welcome to the land of the freeloaders and the home of the depraved. No image captures America's regressive ethos better than that of 30-year-old Stanley Thornton Jr., self-proclaimed "Adult Baby." ... more

ABC's Partial-Birth Hero
Brent Bozell:

As far as I'm concerned, there's a circle in Hell reserved for late-term abortionists. But this is the Obama era, so Hollywood makes TV shows casting them as heroic figures. Such is the state of our popular culture. ... more

French Should Feel Shame, But We're No Puritans
Jonah Goldberg:

Dominique Strauss-Kahn has resigned as the head of the International Monetary Fund. He would like to spend more time with his family. ... more

Obama and Democrats, Not Republicans, Need to Answer for Debt Ceiling
David Limbaugh:

What kind of surreal world are we inhabiting where the political party that is trying to address our debt problem is on the defensive at the hands of the reckless party that chooses to mock, demagogue and delay? ... more

Obama, Your Jimmy Carter is Showing
John Ransom:

As Jimmy Carter manipulated the teleprompter in the background, Obama put on his best professorial airs and spit out his trademarked clipped delivery in a room full of State department staffers and diplomats who applauded tepidly when the "applause light" went on. ... more

End Bailout Nation
Larry Kudlow:

I remember a great article years ago by David Malpass: "A Radical Idea: The IMF Should Promote Growth." Today, a whole bunch of us like Lew Lehrman, Steve Forbes, and myself would prefer the IMF work toward a return to a gold-based world currency system. ... more

Dancing With Arafat's Ghost
Oliver North:

On Thursday, Barack Obama went to the State Department to "mark a new chapter in American diplomacy." The president's handlers boldly billed his lengthy address "A Moment of Opportunity" for the Middle East. ... more

Israel in a Post-American Era
Pat Buchanan:

In 1918, the United States proved militarily decisive in the defeat of the Kaiser's Germany and emerged as first power on earth. ... more

The Tyranny of Hurt Feelings
Mona Charen:

Call it testosterone poisoning: A group of fraternity pledges at Yale, blindfolded and led in a line, each with his hands on the shoulders of the boy in front of him (the Yalie bunny hop?), were paraded in front of the Women's Center. ... more

Obama's Abandonment of Israel
Linda Chavez:

President Obama's major speech on the Middle East Thursday will come back to haunt him. He said nothing that will have any impact in deterring Syrian government violence against pro-democracy protestors, but the president did make pronouncements that threaten another state in the Middle East: Israel, America's strongest ally in the region. ... more

Union Apologist: 'Moral Obligation' Not To Terminate Teachers' Livelihood
Kyle Olson:

We've lost sight of the fact that schools exist first and foremost for students, and teaching is a specialized career that some never master. ... more

'Let Them Eat Birth Certificates'
Diana West:

One feature that marks a totalitarian regime is media that serve as the government's information service. TASS, Radio Berlin, Voice of Hanoi -- these were all government entities that conveyed what the dictatorship wanted. ... more

Housing Experts Wrong Again
Kathy Fettke:

Home construction has a big influence on the rest of the economy because of all the raw materials used in the process. But why does news of low housing starts tend to rock Wall Street every month? ... more

Obama Can't Feel Your Pain at the Pump
Bob Beauprez:

The price at the pump has increased 28% in just the last four months, 116% since Barack Obama took office. But, Obama is more focused on campaigning for re-election than doing something really helpful for Americans. ... more

Defining Deviancy Down, Way Down
Suzanne Fields:

The late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan caught the decline of the culture two decades ago, observing that we're "defining deviancy down" -- lowering the bar for what was once considered deviant behavior, giving a pass to things society once scorned. ... more

Bankers as Clowns
Mike Shedlock:

The ECB comedy show continues. Jean-Claude Trichet went ballistic and walked out of a meeting over Jean-Claude Junker's use of the terms re-profiling and "soft restructuring". ... more

The NATO of East Europe Shuns U.S.
George Friedman:

On May 12, the Visegrad Group announced the formation of a "battle group" under the command of Poland. The battle group would be in place by 2016 as an independent force and would not be part of NATO command. ... more

Governor Rick Perry Frightens DC Based Politicians
Floyd and Mary Beth Brown:

Rush Limbaugh is starting a movement, a movement to draft Texas Governor Rick Perry for President. Here's what Rush said this week on this radio program: "There's no way you're gonna hear Rick Perry supporting amnesty in any way, shape, manner, or form. He's solid on that, plus pro-life. Rick Perry stands in opposition to inside the Beltway Washington elites, I don't care what party they are." ... more

Scaremongering on Sharia?
Karen Lugo:

Glenn Beck talks about a spooky alliance between Islamists and leftists. Newt Gingrich calls sharia law abhorrent and urges the western world to ban it. Bill O'Reilly says that sharia law allows for things that most Americans think are illegal. Sean Hannity challenges Imam Rauf's agenda of imposing sharia law on America. ... more

From Chastity to Chaz: Thou Shalt Not Criticize
Michael Brown:

On May 6th, Dr. Keith Ablow, a TV psychiatrist and university professor, penned a controversial article entitled, "Cameron Diaz Is Right -- 4 Reasons Why Marriage IS a Dying Institution." ... more

Voting: You Gotta Pay to Play
Michael Youssef:

This may sound like a radical idea, but our fiscal emergency demands radical intervention: Only those who pay taxes should be allowed to vote. ... more

Blame Taxes, not "Big Oil"
Andrew Moylan:

Politics often mimics theater. And this month's elaborate production by Democrats to frame oil companies as the reason for high gas prices merits a Tony nomination. ... more

Guns Don't Kill People
Cliff May:

Guns don't kill people. People kill people. But homicidal tendencies are not evenly distributed throughout the general population. Criminals, crazies and terrorists pose a heightened threat. ... more

Conservative - The New Cool
Matt Barber:

Hippies once were the counterculture. They loudly and proudly raged against the establishment machine. Today, they are the establishment machine. ... more

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