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TH Daily - May 28 - Bill O'Reilly, Larry Kudlow, John Ransom, Ed Feulner, Mike Shedlock and More

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What Gaga Owes Elvis
Bill O'Reilly:

The success of 25-year-old Stefani Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga, is really the fault of Elvis Presley, who would completely understand the woman's immense drawing power. ... more

Eric Cantor's 5% Growth Strategy
Larry Kudlow:

Sounds Reaganesque? Well, Eric Cantor has a lot of Reagan blood in him. And the GOP might be headed there, just in the nick of time. ... more

Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers
John Ransom:

This week, Osama makes a comeback, we tackle financial planning for Congress, I prove conclusively that I am not a wind farm, and I give liberals a few noogies along the way- all in good fun of course. What a better way to start a long weekend then letting me have a say, finally. ... more

Defunding Defense
Ed Feulner:

Can America's defense budget be cut? Yes. Unfortunately, President Obama is going about it exactly backwards. ... more

Government Blames Banks for Housing (also weather, oil prices, a temporary soft patch)
Mike Shedlock:

In spite of what the Fed or the FDIC may want you to believe, many banks hold massive amounts of garbage on their balance sheets (especially real estate and commercial real estate), at below prices. ... more

Sucker: Free Properties Aren't Cheap
Kathy Fettke:

Before you run out and grab some free houses, think about it first. There's probably a reason the bank can't sell them. ... more

Five Simple Truths about the Mideast Conflict
Michael Brown:

Is there any subject more controversial than the question of the legitimacy of the modern State of Israel? Is it the eternal home of the Jewish people, promised to them by God Himself? Or is it the illegitimate home of violent Jewish occupiers, an apartheid state guilty of ethnic cleansing? ... more

The Scots-Irish Voting Bloc
Salena Zito:

Seventeen U.S. presidents are of Scots-Irish descent, including Obama, who visited with distant Gaelic relatives in Ireland this week -- perhaps because his strategists are beginning to realize he should not ignore these voters. ... more

Mr. President, Put Less Pressure on Israel, More on Her Enemies
Reince Priebus:

Mr. President, stop top putting unnecessary pressure on Israel and start demanding more of these autocratic regimes that stifle democracy and threaten the only democracy in the Middle East—Israel. ... more

Names in the News
Paul Greenberg:

Well, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, or DSK as he's known to those who follow politics in France or the doings of Big Money anywhere, did promise to give the International Monetary Fund a "totally different" face. ... more

Lessons of Netanyahu's Triumph
Caroline Glick:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was hoping to avoid his clash with US President Barack Obama this week in Washington. ... more

Democrats Can't Win 2012 With a Health-Care Attack
Donald Lambro:

If the Democrats are counting on making a come back in the 2012 elections by demagoguing the Republican Medicare reforms, they'd better think again. ... more

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Keeping up with the CCC

May 27, 2011


Thank you! 


Thanks to everyone who came out for Art at Night at the Chinese Culture Center! We had a great evening and are looking forward to holding more events in the future. Check out our facebook page to see the sights.  




Visual Arts

White Ink is now on display 


Zheng Chongbin's White Ink opened last Thursday as the CCC's 4th installment of the Xianrui Artist Series. The show opened to tremendous critical acclaim, and we are thrilled to have White Ink in our gallery through July 30. Read more press on White Ink here


The CCC Gallery is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-4pm 





Join us on A Tale of Two Chinatowns! 


After leading tours for over twenty years, over the last few months, we have made some changes to our Heritage Walking Tour. We refreshed our theme, updated our tour curriculum, and have brought in new docents to reenergize our tour and re-imagine the landscape of Chinatown, as seen through the Chinese Culture Center. In the process, we were able to ask: which stories embody the Chinese American experience and Chinatown today?


Join us! We now have regular Saturday tours, and are offering discounts if you book online. Enter the code 'CCCENEWS' at checkout after buying tickets here.  


If you are interested in becoming a storyteller for Chinatown, apply to be a CCC Heritage Walk docent here.

We are looking for both Mandarin and English speaking guides!


Join Mandarin Corner! 


Want to practice Mandarin? Want to leave out the stiff textbook conversations and practice Real Life

Mandarin? Want to make friends with Mandarin learners and lovers? Want to meet native Mandarin speakers? For learners looking to apply their studies in a fun and relaxed environment, come join Mandarin Corner! CCC's new FREE Language Practice program takes place every Saturday at the center starting at 11:30 am. For more information, give us a call at 415 986 1822.  

Around the Community



Chinese Jade: A Slide Show and Talk at the Chinatown Branch of the SF Public Library


On Saturday, May 29 from 2:30-4pm at the Chinatown Public Library. The event will be in both English and Cantonese, and discussion will be led by Asian Art Museum docent Pat Tsui. Check here for more information!   






2011 528(星期六)



舊金山亞洲博物館講師崔葆鈴 (Pauline Tsui)蒞臨華埠圖書館介紹玉器。在中國,玉器比黃金更珍貴。崔女士會介紹玉的來源和種類,並討論1820世紀初的中國玉器,其中著重講解其吉祥的象徵意義。最後她會介紹保存玉器的方法。

歡迎參加   免費入場

跑華街 1135 , Jackson    電話: 415-355-2888   sfpl.org



YBCA Presents-Kronos Quartet/Wu Man Performance



June 3 & 4, 2011: The Kronos Quartet & Wu Man present A Chinese Home, inspired by the extraordinary story of a 300-year-old house from a southwestern Chinese village that was dismantled piece-by-piece and rebuilt at a museum in Salem, MA; and Tan Dun's Ghost Opera, hailed as "remarkable...a culture-bending opus." YBCA is offering Chinese Culture Center e-list subscribers YBCA member price admission of $20, which includes entry to Song Dong: Mom and Dad, Don't Worry About Us, We Are All Well and the CCC curated Daily Lives exhibition

Special Offer for CCC members and friends! for tickets to this event, click here and enter Promotional Code KRONOSCCC.



Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco

750 Kearny St., 3rd Floor

San Francisco, CA 94108





want more Roots?


The In Search of Roots exhibition

is moving to the Pacific Heritage Museum on May 28!  

Mark your calendars for 9/24/11

CCC'ssecond annual Chinatown Music Festival

Reminder: the CCC will be closed on Tuesday, May 31 for Memorial Day 



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