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Eyewitness Accounts of Hurricane Katrina This Week on Nat Geo

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August 8 - 14

 Photo: Witness Katrina
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Witness: Katrina
THIS SUNDAY at 9P et/pt


Six years ago, while Hurricane Katrina was wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast, amateur videographers, news crews, and countless others were recording the sights and sounds of the unfolding chaos. Weaving together these sources, Witness: Katrina reconstructs Hurricane Katrina as it happened, entirely through the eyes of those who experienced it.

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Drain the Ocean
Drain the Ocean
TONIGHT at 8P et/pt
Using the latest scientific data and CGI, we drain the water from the oceans to reveal the mountains, canyons, plains and volcanoes that are more dramatic than anything on dry land.
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Hard Time
Hard Time: Prisoner Protest
- NEW - TUESDAY at 10P et/pt
Three years after a pair of convicts escaped from within its walls, Hays State Prison faces another major challenge: an inmate sit-in.
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers
Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers
FRIDAY at 8P et/pt
A journey to the heart of the South American jungle reveals the mysteries of the Amazon Headshrinkers and includes rare footage of a head-shrinking ceremony from the 1960s.
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 Photo: Monster Fish
Monster Fish:
American Behemoth
- NEW - FRiDAY at 10P et/pt
Aquatic ecologist Dr. Zeb Hogan travels to the midwestern United States in search of the paddlefish, one of the largest and oldest freshwater fish species on the planet.
Watch a Preview >>
Photo of the Week
 Photo: Make Me Superhuman
Make Me Superhuman
- NEW - THU at 9P et/pt

What if you could strap on a mechanical suit and leap a tall fence? Or toss a car off a cliff? Or carry hundreds of pounds for miles? We'll separate science from fiction and meet real super humans living among us.
Watch a Preview >>

What's on Nat Geo WILD
Bullet Ant Ritual
Deadly 60 airs TONIGHT at 10P et/pt

After recalling the intense pain of being stung by bullet ants, Steve Backshall reunites with the potentially painful insect.
Watch a Video >>

 Photo: Bullet Ant Ritual
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8P et/pt
Drain the Ocean
How to Build a Volcano
Breakout: Through the Roof
Giant Crystal Cave
Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers
Alaska State Troopers: Vice Squad
Witness: Tornado Swarm 2011
9P et/pt
Hard Time: Cellphone War
Locked Up Abroad: Backstabbed in Thailand
Make Me Superhuman
- NEW -
Monster Fish: India's River Devil
Hard Time: Prisoner Protest
Witness: Katrina
10P et/pt
Big Sur: Wild California
Hard Time: Prisoner Protest
- NEW -
Locked Up Abroad: Heroin Sting
The Indestructibles (2 Episodes)
Monster Fish: American Behemoth
- NEW -
Locked Up Abroad: Jamaica

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