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TH Daily - January 29 - Bill O'Reilly, Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, David Harsanyi, Ken Blackwell, Kathryn Lopez and More

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Winning the Future
Bill O'Reilly:

The president and I do have some common ground on this "winning the future" theme. We are both for it. I, however, believe the folks are the key component to future success because they have repeatedly won in the past. ... more

Did Obama Forget About the Teachers Union?
Dick Morris and Eileen McGann:

When Obama started to speak about the need to improve education, upgrade our schools and attract quality teachers, an elephant appeared in the living rooms of most Americans who were watching. ... more

Who Are We in This 'Sputnik Moment'?
David Harsanyi:

One of the difficulties progressives face is trying to make centralized planning sound like a good idea. Even the president, with all his rhetorical genius and majestic vagueness, can struggle with the task. ... more

Bowing and Kowtowing: Is This A Foreign Policy?
Ken Blackwell:

The Obama administration thinks that George W. Bush was too arrogant, that he liked to throw his weight around in international affairs. The way to win Nobel Peace Prizes was obviously to cut a more humble figure in the world. But can bowing and kowtowing be a foreign policy for the United States? ... more

New Leaders in Civil Rights
Kathryn Lopez:

Is the party of Lincoln the party of civil rights? Are Republican conservatives the new civil-rights leaders? These are far from the most frequently asked questions in American politics, but they're worth raising. ... more

All Church Is Local
David Stokes:

Not everything that happened fifty years ago this month made international news or found its way into the history books. ... more

Games NPR Plays
Paul Greenberg:

When it comes to bureaucracies, corporate or public, it's not just jobs that can be delegated but any sense of responsibility. This isn't just a familiar pattern, it's standard operating procedure by now. When the head of the outfit is confronted by a scandal that can no longer be ignored, and the public has grown more outraged than usual, protocol demands that the top exec submit ... somebody else's resignation. ... more

Unions' Special Interest: Blocking School Choice
Gary Beckner:

A new spate of documentaries and media coverage have all centered on the role teachers unions play in blocking necessary change and innovation in public schools. ... more

Destruction Driving Creation
Rich Tucker:

Recently the social networking site MySpace announced it was firing some 500 people -- half of its staff. How can this be? ... more

The Pragmatic Fantasy
Caroline Glick:

Today the Egyptian regime faces its gravest threat since Anwar Sadat's assassination 30 years ago. As protesters take to the street for the third day in a row demanding the overthrow of 82-year old President Hosni Mubarak, it is worth considering the possible alternatives to his regime. ... more

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Springing into the New Year

Chinese Culture Center
Moving into 2011...

The Lunar New Year is just around the corner, and we're looking forward to celebrating with you! Read on to learn about a few of the great Spring events we have in store.  


In Search of Roots Takes Center Stage


Next Saturday February 5th  marks the opening of our In Search of Roots Exhibition, which will run in the CCC gallery through April 20th. Last summer, the Roots program took 26 interns to China's Pearl River Delta region on the final leg of their yearlong exploration of genealogical self study and personal ancestry. This Spring, the interns share their work in an interactive exhibition chronicling both their journey and their discoveries about culture and the complexity of a Chinese American Identity. Join us in supporting the Roots interns' continued exploration of this cultural discourse, and experience their journey firsthand.



*A sneak peek into the exhibition in progress!



Chinese New Year 2011: Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with Us! 


We are very excited to announce our annual Spring Festival celebrations, taking place on Saturday and Sunday February 19 and 20, 2011 from 11am-3pm. 

This year we will be joined by Hou Yumei, a longtime CCC artist who was recently chosen by the San Francisco Arts Commission to design and install a mural for the Chinatown Central Subway, set to begin installation this year. Hou Yumei, who immigrated to San Francisco Chinatown from Manchuria in 2001, has made the traditional artistry of Chinese paper cutting her life's work. Her skill has launched her to the forefront of the city's public arts scene, and her presence at the CCC Spring Festival will include demonstrations and interactive activities.

 Back by popular demand is the bilingual Lantern Riddle game, first introduced during last year's celebration of the Year of the Tiger. The Lantern Riddles are a traditional practice throughout China, observed during the ending days of the Lunar New Year festival, and victorious visitors will have the chance to choose from various Red Envelope prizes. Visitors will be treated to calligraphy demonstrations, musical performances, seal carvings, lion dances, fortune telling, kungfu and tai chi performances, and various other activities. This year the United States Postal Service will also be on hand with commemorative, limited addition Lunar New Years 2011 stamps and envelopes.  As a special nod to the year of the Rabbit, the CCC has also partnered with various local animal shelters to provide a Rabbit Adoption Booth. Don't miss it!!





CCC Collaboration with the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts' Room for Big Ideas


In conjunction with YBCA's upcoming Song Dong exhibition, the CCC collaboration will bring work from Sita Bhaumik, Liu Xianbiao, Cynthia Tom, Imin Yeh, and Stella Zhang to YBCA. The Exhibition opens on February 25th and will be running until June 12. Don't miss it!



Announcing....Mandarin Corner! 




Want to practice Mandarin? Want to leave out the stiff textbook conversations and practice Real Life Mandarin? Want to make friends with Mandarin learners and lovers? Want to meet native Mandarin speakers? Join the CCC Mandarin Corner!


Starting February 12, the CCC will have a weekly Mandarin corner in our gallery! It is FREE and it is open to everybody! Periodically, we will invite CCC Mandarin teachers or advanced Mandarin learners to give mini workshops and share learning tricks. 


For the first meeting, we will lead a Mandarin tour of the CCC In Search of Roots exhibition.


Every Saturday, except for holidays, at 11am at the Chinese Culture Center 




Last but not least: Be sure to log onto the CCC website on Chinese New Year Day (2/3)  

for a big surprise... 


 Keep up with our work and with the latest arts and culture news happening in our community by following us on Twitter and checking in with our Facebook page.

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***Look for various online giveaways throughout the Spring Festival season!***

-The CCC Team.

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750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

415 986 1822
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