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TH Daily - May 22 - Doug Giles, John Ransom, Mike Shedlock, Salena Zito, Austin Hill and More

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Rebel Youth Scream, "USA!" at UBL's Demise
Doug Giles:

Can you imagine the consternation the ubiquitous uberliberal profs of our nation's radical Left-leaning universities must have felt ... more

This Week's Top Tweet: Mr President, DO Something
John Ransom:

I know it's awkward holding "peace talks" when we are not at war, but you could do it if you wanted. Hey maybe this year you could get another Nobel prize for ending at war you started. How's that for irony? ... more

Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers
John Ransom:

It's big, big mail-bag weekend. There's lots of hate mail. We tackle the economy, finance, maids (but not in the same way as DSK) and home-schooling moms in plaid smocks who make us all so nervous when we fly. ... more

Spanish and Greek Tea Parties
Mike Shedlock:

Austerity measures run into trouble in Greece, while Spanish protestors camp in streets defying a ban on protests. ... more

Women's Growing Impact
Salena Zito:

Women have had an impact in the voting booth since Lydia Taft cast a ballot in Uxbridge, Mass., on whether the town should spend money on troops in the French and Indian War. ... more

Are Jewish Americans Undermining Israel?
Austin Hill:

"..Are you offended when people pray out loud in public places?" I asked my interview guest. It was 2006 and U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman, a Democrat, was on his way to losing with his own party. ... more

'Til Debt Do Us Part
Ken Connor:

As predicted, the American government this week reached it's $14.3 trillion debt limit. With our credit line officially tapped out, our leaders in Washington are scrambling to cobble together a compromise for responding to the situation. ... more

Oil Prices, Inventories Down, plus Railroads a Comin'
Zacks Investment Research:

Supplies of gasoline increased for the second successive week on the back of production increase even as demand edged up and imports plunged. The 119,000 barrel-build – lower than projections – took gasoline stockpiles up to 205.94 million barrels. Current inventory levels are 7.2% below the year-earlier levels and are in the lower half of the average range. ... more

Moralizing Against McDonald's
Steve Chapman:

Now that Osama bin Laden is dead, we can turn our attention to another remorseless enemy who for years has sown death and destruction among blameless innocents. I refer, of course, to Ronald McDonald. ... more

The Hitchhicker's Guide To Money
Mark Baisley:

I believe that the long train of abuses and usurpations from Washington are due, in part, to their lack of appreciation for what money is. ... more

SuckedIn or LinkedIn? - Investing for Idiots
Gil Morales and Chris Karcher:

As we watched LinkedIn's share price convulse on Thursday as the opposing forces of greed and fear pushed the stock back and forth, it became clear that trying to buy the stock within a day or two of its over-hyped IPO amounted to little more than throwing darts at a rapidly moving target. ... more

Is Obama Spiderman?
Paul Jacob:

War isn't an issue to be guided by comic-book philosophy. Congress could read the Constitution. ... more

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