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TH Daily - June 04 - Bill O'Reilly, Doug Giles, John C. Goodman, Larry Kudlow, John Ransom and More

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Poverty and the President
Bill O'Reilly:

This time next year, we should have a Republican in place to challenge President Obama for the title of 'World's Most Powerful Man." The campaign, of course, is the ultimate reality show, and it could get nasty. ... more

Urban Beach Week Destroys South Beach … Again
Doug Giles:

Well, I'm going to be called a racist for this one, but here it goes: What the heck is up with the hip hop crowd trashing South Beach year after year on Memorial Day? Is this how your crew celebrates the hard-won freedoms our nation's heroes gave their lives for—by annually ransacking South Florida and shooting at cops? ... more

What Seniors Have to Fear From ObamaCare
John C. Goodman:

So what does ObamaCare mean for senior citizens who rely on Medicare? No one knows for sure. But it almost certainly means they will get less health care. ... more

Obama's Job Recession
Larry Kudlow:

Perhaps the most telling weakness in the jobs report comes from the household survey, which is made up of self-employed workers. ... more

Tea Partiers Unite! Nothing to Lose but Election, Savings, Job...
John Ransom:

Thirty years ago there were only a few people in every city who determined what stories made the evening news. Thirty years ago the media could determine winners and losers in the marketplace of ideas. Thirty years ago they didn't have to reckon with you. ... more

Bailouts for Big Business, Bankruptcies for the Middle Class
Rachel Alexander:

While the Obama administration has been busy bailing out irresponsible financial institutions and big business, individual homeowners have been left with little relief, with many forced to file for bankruptcy. ... more

Awful Bad Jobs
Mike Shedlock:

This month things are awful at first glance and simply bad beneath the surface. ... more

Socialism Comes Home to Roost in Markets
Gil Morales and Chris Kacher:

The wrong-headed socialist policies of the Obama administration will come home to roost. Socialism never works, yet politicians continue to practice it because it appeal to the masses wins votes ... more

Please Santorum, Don't Hurt 'em
Kathryn Lopez:

"If we allow gay marriage next thing u know people will be marrying gold fish," Miley Cyrus tweeted. She was protesting news that the president of Urban Outfitters has contributed to former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum, and taking some liberty with arguments Santorum's made about the importance of protecting traditional marriage. ... more

NAACP Fights To Keep Kids Trapped in Failing Schools
Kyle Olson:

Many civil rights groups around the nation have strongly supported school choice initiatives, mainly out of concern for inner-city children who have traditionally been stuck in sub-par schools. So why isn't the NAACP on board? ... more

Obama Bowing Down to Taliban - and Setting Them Up To Rule Afghanistan
Tara Servatius:

Most Americans don't realize how far President Obama has bowed down to the Taliban – and that he is potentially setting them up to rule Afghanistan. ... more

Think Twice, UN!
Ken Blackwell:

President Obama deserved high praise for bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. Or, more accurately, for ordering Navy SEALs bring justice to him. But, the president threw away all the international stature he could rightly claim when he delivered his disastrous May 19th speech at the State Department. ... more

The Real Egyptian Revolution
Caroline Glick:

The coverage of recent events in Egypt is further proof that Western elites cannot see the forest for the trees. Over the past week, leading newspapers have devoted relatively in-depth coverage to the Egyptian military authorities' repressive actions in subduing protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo, particularly during their large protest last Friday. ... more

Romney: Like Father—Like Son?
David Stokes:

Mitt Romney has inherited much from his late father, most notably a mind for business and a flare for politics. Now in the race for the GOP Presidential nomination, he is by most accounts the front-runner. But that was also his dad's position at just about this point in the run up to the historic election of 1968. ... more

Don't Root for Failure
Rich Galen:

Whatever Americans believe is going on in the economy in August of the election year is what voters will take to the polls with them in November when they vote for President. ... more

Republicans Hold Better Cards in Debt Limit Contest
Donald Lambro:

This week's House vote against raising the debt limit was a long-overdue, fist-shaking declaration of public outrage at the runaway spending that endangers America's economic security. ... more

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