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February 25, 2011

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Dalai Lama Quote from Snow Lion Publications

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Dalai Lama Quote of the Week

Our fundamental nature--what we term 'the buddha nature', the very nature of our mind, is inherently present within us as a natural attribute. This mind of ours, the subject at hand, has been going on throughout beginningless time, and so has the more subtle nature of that mind. On the basis of the continuity of that subtle nature of our mind rests the capacity we have to attain enlightenment. This potential is what we call 'the seed of buddhahood', 'buddha nature', 'the fundamental nature', or 'tathagatagarbha'.

We all have this buddha nature, each and every one of us. For example, this beautiful statue of Lord Buddha here, in the presence of which we are now sitting, is a representation that honours someone who attained buddhahood. He awakened into that state of enlightenment because his nature was the buddha nature. Ours is as well, and just as the Buddha attained enlightenment in the past, so in the future we can become buddhas too.

...In any case, there dwells within us all this potential which allows us to awaken into buddhahood and attain omniscience. The empowerment process draws that potential out, and allows it to express itself more fully. When an empowerment is conferred on you, it is the nature of your mind--the buddha nature--that provides a basis upon which the empowerment can ripen you. Through the empowerment, you are empowered into the essence of the buddhas of the five families. In particular, you are 'ripened' within that particular family through which it is your personal predisposition to attain buddhahood. (p.29)

--from Dzogchen: The Heart Essence of the Great Perfection by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, translated by Thupten Jinpa and Richard Barron, Foreword by Sogyal Rinpoche, edited by Patrick Gaffney, published by Snow Lion Publications

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DZOGCHEN: The Heart Essence
of the Great Perfection,
Dzogchen Teachings Given in the West

by His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
translated by Geshe Thupten Jinpa and
Richard Barron (Chokyi Nyima),
edited by Patrick Gaffney


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Take a Stand with Walker


?Right now is a decisive moment in Wisconsin and a watershed moment for our nation, and we urge you to join the fight at www.StandWithWalker.com

Today, debate on the Governor's legislation enters the 3rd day in the Wisconsin state house with all 100 Democratic amendments having been defeated by majority Republicans. Meanwhile, 14 liberal Democratic state senators have brought state government to a halt by hiding out-of-state in Illinois.

Here's what Governor Walker's Budget Repair Bill that they're so angry about actually does:

  • Ask government workers to pay half the cost of their pensions - still less than private employees pay for their pensions
  • Ask government workers to pay 12% of their own health insurance premiums - the national average for the private sector is over 20%
  • End collective bargaining for government unions for pensions and benefits.  Allow bargaining only for raises that are less than inflation.
  • End forced union dues, collected by the state.  Union dues would become voluntary.
  • Union members get to vote yearly on whether to keep their union.

To stop these sensible reforms, the unions and their Democratic allies are pulling out all the stops.  President Obama has even weighed in attacking Governor Walker.

Democratic state senators are so desperate they have actually fled the state to stall a vote -- and are hiding out at a resort in Illinois.  Can you imagine elected legislators being so beholden to special interest unions that they would flee the state?  Have they no shame?

Much is at stake because every other governor and every other legislature is watching what happens in Wisconsin. We have to win.  Please stand with Scott Walker by signing our petition at www.StandWithWalker.com.


 Tim's Signature

Tim Phillips
President, Americans for Prosperity

P. S. We're going to win, but we need your help.  Please share www.StandWithWalker.com with your friends, family, neighbors, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.  The stakes are too high to think this is someone else's fight.  We need to send a strong message to the unions by winning in Wisconsin and taking these common sense reforms to every other state and the federal government.  Today, we are all Wisconsinites.  Please help spread the word about www.StandWithWalker.com and sign the petition today!

Husbands, Love Your Wives More Than Seminary -- February 25, 2011

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Daily Update

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Friday, February 25, 2011 Email Send to a Friend   Mobile Mobile   Free Newsletters Free Newsletters
Spiritual Life

Husbands, Love Your Wives More Than Seminary
God has not commanded husbands to love seminary. He has commanded that we love our wives and strive to protect our marriages, even from something as noble as our ministry call.
Read the full article here

Career & Finance

The Real Bottom Line of Money Decisions
Chuck Bentley
In man's economy, financial advisers and experts can lead you through any financial need you face; but regardless of their expertise, their wisdom is no substitute for the wisdom of God.
Read the full article here

10 Ways to Save on Fuel
Mary Hunt
To save a gallon of gas, you need to cut about 22 miles of driving from your week. Here are 10 easy ways to do that.
Read the full article here

Does Your Resume Make a Good Impression?
Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck
You've heard the adage, "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression." While you may have taken this principle into account when preparing for an interview, have you given adequate thought to the first impression your resume gives to prospective employers?
Read the full article here


Kings of Crass Stoop Even Lower with Their Hall Pass
Christa Banister
With Hall Pass, the Farrelly Brothers are returning to what they know best -- and it's not pretty. If anything, the unexpected success of 2009's The Hangover has empowered them to dream up even dirtier jaw-dropping antics.
Read the full article here

Stryper Gets the Band Back Together for The Covering
Ed Cardinal
Last seen struggling to weather changing musical tastes in the early 1990s, the original Stryper lineup has regrouped for The Covering, an unabashed head-banging record that finds the band going back even further, blazing through other top acts' hot metal tunes from the 1970s and early '80s.
Read the full article here

Nicole Baart Concludes Her Series Beneath the Night Tree
Kelley Mathews
In Beneath the Night Tree, Nicole Baart concludes the story she began with After the Leaves Fall, and continued with Summer Snow. Readers who have been following the journey of Julia DeSmit and her grandmother Nellie will be thrilled to see the conclusion finally unfold.
Read the full article here

Today's Devotional

An Ocean of Lies (from "The Connection Devotional with Skip Heitzig")
...the accuser of the brethren... (Revelation 12:10).

Satan is the ultimate critic of God's creation, and accusation is one of his most effective tactics.
Read the full article here

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