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TH Daily - March 19 - Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Alexander, Humberto Fontova, Debra J. Saunders, Kyle Olson and More

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Getting Gaddafi
Bill O'Reilly:

Obama likes to take his time while making important decisions. To some, this is an effective way to govern. To others, it is dithering. ... more

Gutting ObamaCare in Stop-Gap Spending Bills not Necessarily Prudent
Rachel Alexander:

It sounds good, cutting $105.5 billion in funding for ObamaCare through 2019 by including a provision in the stop-gap spending measures that are temporarily funding government until a real budget is passed. ... more

Genuine Women Heroes for "Women's History Month"
Humberto Fontova:

When feminist icon Barbara Walters sat quivering alongside Fidel Castro in 1977 cooing: "Fidel Castro has brought very high literacy and great health-care to his country. His personal magnetism is powerful!", dozens of Cuban suffragettes suffered in torture chambers within walking distance of the hyperventilating Ms. Barbara Walters. ... more

Few Angels in the Budget Brawl
Debra J. Saunders:

Years ahead of forecasts, Social Security paid out more money than it took in last year. So who in Washington is serious about tackling the deficit and looming tidal wave of debt? Not President Obama. ... more

(Union) Gangs of Wisconsin
Kyle Olson:

Union leaders can dress it up and use innocuous-sounding phrases like "voluntary consumer activism," but the bottom line is that Wisconsin's unions are now resorting to thug-like behavior against political opponents, real or imagined. ... more

State Bankruptcy: The Worst Idea Yet
Jim Gilmore:

We are witnessing unprecedented clashes and escalating political rhetoric between cash-starved state governments and their public service unions. ... more

Honoring All our WWI Heroes
Ken Blackwell:

President Obama and Vice President Biden this week paid an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery . They went there to offer the thanks of a grateful nation for the service of Frank Buckles, the last known survivor of the American "Doughboys" of World War I. Buckles was barely 16 when he fibbed about his age to get into uniform. ... more

Home Mortgage Modification: Slamming Lenders, Slowing Economic Recovery
Carl Horowitz:

The mortgage foreclosure crisis in this country may have been superseded by events in Japan, Libya and elsewhere for now, but it's still taking a toll. ... more

Socialist Thought Has Crippled Black America
John Rossomando:

Leading black conservatives lay blame for black America's rampant poverty and other ills squarely at the feet of the socialist orientation of black leaders such as Al Sharpton. ... more

Palin's Terminal Velocity
Kathryn Lopez:

"She reminds me of my wife." That was the most frequent comment I received via e-mail on the September night Sarah Palin spoke to a riveted Republican National Convention in 2008, as the vice-presidential nominee spoke of hockey moms, pit bulls, lipstick, the dignity of human life, and the future of our nation. ... more

Israel's Indivisible Legitimacy
Caroline Glick:

Over the past several years, a growing number of patriotic Israelis have begun to despair. We can't stand up to the whole world, they say. ... more

Radioactive Reporting
Rich Galen:

In September 1964 I showed up at a place called Marietta, Ohio to go to college. Among the 1,400-or so students who enrolled that semester, four of us became fraternity brothers, three of us were on the freshman crew and we have all remained friends for past 46+ years. ... more

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