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Holy Week: Prepare for Easter with Your Family -- March 31, 2011

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Holy Week: Prepare for Easter with Your Family
Noël Piper
We reveal to ourselves and others what is important to us by the way we celebrate. Is the season before Easter mainly a hassle or is it a time of considering God's work in our lives?
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DVD Reviews

Restored Ten Commandments Worth Another Look
Laura MacCorkle
Now that Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments has been fully restored and is available in high definition for the first time ever, it's worth another look.
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Faith and The Church

Becoming a Racially Unified Church
Dr. Tony Evans
The reason why we haven't solved the racial divide in America is because people apart from God are trying to invent unity, while people who belong to God are not living out the unity that we already possess.
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Must a Pastor be Married?
Albert Mohler
Is marriage a requirement for pastoral ministry? The New York Times asked the question. How would you answer it?
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Why Worldview Matters Now More Than Ever
Chuck Colson
Wake up, folks. The Christian worldview is under assault. And the church doesn't know how to defend it.
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".XXX" - The Internet's New Red Light District
Randy Hicks
Approval of the .xxx Internet domain expands what is already a damaging presence online.
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Jesus, Single Like Me: He Modeled Leadership
Kris Swiatocho
In just one passage (John 6:1-14), Jesus, single like me, shows me how to be a true leader and how I can be a leader of whatever God wants me to lead.
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Today's Devotional

The Heart of a Shepherd (from "Integrity Moments with Rick Boxx")
He had compassion on them, because they were... like sheep without a shepherd (Matt. 9:36).
Do you have a heartfelt plan for emergencies in your business or organization?
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Reminder: April Ful's Night, Tomorrow at the Oakland Museum!

April Ful's Night
Communal Meal and Conversation
about Egypt's Revolution

At the Oakland Museum, Friday at 6 pm

april ful

 The Oakland Standard presents a communal meal and conversation centered around Egypt's revolution, and the recent uprisings throughout the Middle East. Over roasted goat and fava bean ful, join a discussion exploring the emotional impact and political relevance of the spirit of liberation that has ignited imaginations around the world. April Ful's Night will include music and spoken word, a video program in the Oakland Museum of California galleries, a live link to Cairo, handmade banner and signs, and time for guests to speak to their own experience. Free with limited seating; please bring a blanket to sit on. Enjoy half-off admission to OMCA Galleries until 9 p.m.

April Ful's Night is proudly produced in Oakland, and generously funded by the James Irvine foundation and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. This event was organized by the Citizens Laboratory, in collaboration with the Middle East Children's Alliance, a non-profit that works for the rights and well-being of children in the Middle East, and zambaleta, a San Francisco world music and dance school. The Citizens Laboratory is a platform for artists to engage with civic and urban issues in the museum space. Led by Amanda Eicher, Valerie Imus, and Jerome Waag, the Citizens Laboratory is an offshoot of OPENrestaurant, a collaborative of chefs and artists who explore issues related to the production, distribution, and consumption of food.


Speakers include: Omar Shakir, Wafaa Aborashed, Omar Dajani, Fred Lawson, Abdalla Nassar, Deana Nassar, Dr. Aftim Saba, Dr Omar Dejani, Dr Sonia Shiri, and Dr. Adnan Shennib


The Oakland Museum is at 1000 Oak Street, Oakland. This event is free of charge. 

Arab Cultural and Community Center
2 Plaza St.
San Francisco, California 94116
This email was sent to omsstravel.1234@blogger.com by info@arabculturalcenter.org |  
Arab Cultural and Community Center | 2 Plaza St. | San Francisco | CA | 94116

Power Point with Jack Graham

Power Point with Jack Graham
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Living in the last days before Christ’s return

March 31, 2011

The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers.

1 Peter 4:7

I’m sure you’ve seen someone either on TV or on the street with a long beard and a sign hanging around his neck that says “The End is Near!” And since the death of Christ, preachers and writers have spoken about the last days. It seems that every generation thinks they’re the last one before Christ returns!

Well, the apostle Peter makes a bold statement in today’s passage when he says, “The end of all things is at hand.” So was he crying wolf to try to scare people? Maybe he was just making a fanatical statement.

The fact is that these are the last days. The Bible says it in Hebrews 1:2 that God “in these last days… has spoken to us by his Son.” So since the death and resurrection of Christ, we’ve been living inthe last stage of human history. And the God who created and sustains this world will also terminate this world.

Now there’s a lot of buzz about how we should be scared that 2012 is the end of the world. But I hope it’s much sooner than that! What a wonderful day it will be when Jesus puts an end to all pain and death.

So as a believer in Christ, live your life like today is the last chance you will ever have to share his Good News.


For more from PowerPoint Ministries and Dr. Jack Graham, please visit www.jackgraham.org
Listen to Dr. Jack Graham's daily broadcast on OnePlace.com.

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TH Daily - March 31 - Ann Coulter, Jeff Jacoby, John Ransom, Victor Davis Hanson, Larry Elder and More

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Obama Cried, Kids Died
Ann Coulter:

"Humanitarian" seems to be the Democrats' new word for "absolutely no national interest." ... more

Shaking the House that Assad Built
Jeff Jacoby:

If the United States has good reason to support the popular revolt in Libya -- and President Obama argued Monday night that there is "an important strategic interest in preventing [Moammar] Qaddafi from overrunning those who oppose him" -- it has considerably more reason to do so in Syria. ... more

Obama Builds Pipeline to Nowhere
John Ransom:

"Not being negative about Alaska is a positive," Senator Begich reasoned. That's not exactly a winning motto for any state, or for any energy policy. It might be the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard a sitting senator say, even one from Alaska. ... more

President Obama's Most Amazing Libyan Achievements
Victor Davis Hanson:

By bombing Libya, President Obama accomplished some things once thought absolutely impossible in America. One of these is war-mongering liberals. ... more

President Obama Apologizes to President Bush
Larry Elder:

The letter Obama should write to George W. Bush. ... more

A Tea Party Hangover?
Michael Barone:

Has the wind gone out of the sails of the smaller government movement? Is the tea party movement going through a hangover? You can find some evidence for these propositions. ... more

Full-Throttle Drill, Drill, Drill
Larry Kudlow:

Unleash the great American energy industry. ... more

Homogenized Diversity
Mike Adams:

It appears that, at least on our campus, the African Americans get a "Cultural Center," the Woman Americans get a "Resource Center" and the Hispanic Americans (although some of them aren't actually Americans "yet") get a "Centro." But the LGBTQIA Americans only get a "Resource Office." ... more

Reaganomics Key to Growth Then, Now
Larry Kudlow:

Republican presidential candidates are beginning to prepare for the upcoming election and are formulating their respective policy agendas. The key question each GOP candidate should be asked is whether they have a real pro-growth agenda. ... more

Breaking Trust
Cal Thomas:

Let us have a "time out" from the wars and upheavals in the Middle East to consider another war taking place in too many of our homes. That would be the war against our children and the one between parent and child. ... more

California Governor Wins the Blame Game
Debra J. Saunders:

California Gov. Jerry Brown won the blame game and lost the budget. ... more

Guess the Largest Contributor to November Congressional Races
Ross Mackenzie:

It was not the dread Chamber of Commerce (to hear President Obama tell it), but a union... ... more

Reagan Let Crisis Make Him Stronger
Jackie Gingrich Cushman:

Less than a month after an assassination attempt on his life, Reagan spoke to a joint session of Congress regarding his economic plan. ... more

The Unconcealed Truth About Carrying Guns
Steve Chapman:

"Experience is a dear teacher," said Benjamin Franklin, "but fools will learn at no other." Give some credit to fools: At least they eventually learn from experience. What would Franklin say about people who don't? ... more

Michigan's Crazy Drunk Uncle
Kyle Olson:

The Michigan Education Association is growing more pathetic by the day. The union is beginning to act like the crazy drunk uncle at the Christmas party - spilling his drink on himself and acting rudely to the point where others are embarrassed for him. ... more

Don't Let Digital Media Crowd Out Prayer Time
Marybeth Hicks:

It would be so much easier to pray if God would get a Twitter account. Or at least a Facebook page. ... more

Embarking on a New Age of Freedom
Armstrong Williams:

There's a relatively new collection of essays making its way around Washington circles asking a provocative question that, I'm sure, many have acted out in their own personal lives yet never really pondered what it meant — a book entitled, "Is the Internet Changing the Way You Think?" ... more

Dave Says Working Has Benefits
Dave Ramsey:

You need to get a job right now. You could make more than you did at your old job or taking unemployment by delivering pizzas full-time. I know you probably wouldn't have benefits running pizza, but how about the benefit of working for a living and making some money? ... more

Obama: Let's Focus on "Clean" Energy
Katie Pavlich:

President Obama admitted in a speech today that "clean" energy is expensive, and that people will need government "help" in order to comply with energy standards ... more

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