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Is the World About to End? -- March 25, 2011

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Is the World About to End? What Should I Do Now?
Dr. Roger Barrier
No society or culture lasts forever. All eventually collapse--the United States will not be the exception. So what are some of the spiritual implications for this seemingly-crumbling world as it stands today?
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China's Christianity Conundrum
Chuck Colson
What does the growth of Christianity in China mean for that nation's communist government?
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How Much Emergency Savings Do You Really Need?
Mark Biller & Joseph Slife
Without an emergency savings, you can find yourself forced to sell your long-term investments just to make ends meet.
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Faith and The Church

When Being the Church Seems Counter-Intuitive
Alex McFarland
If Christianity and Islam are merely two optional means to reach the same ultimate end, then Christian churches helping Muslims remain Muslim is a moot point.
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Wimpy Kid Sequel Suffers from Stunted Growth
Christian Hamaker
Like the transitional adolescent phase the story depicts, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules is a bit awkward and unsettled.
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Christian Relationships

Should Couples Stay Together for the Kids?
Joe Beam
Should a distressed couple work it out for the children? Marriage expert Joe Beam shares why this is the best reason to save a marriage.
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Solo Zone: Gays, Christians and Holiness
Tim Laitinen
"Are you gay?" Even in evangelical Christianity, probably even in your church, single adults can't avoid the question. Especially the longer we stay single.
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Today's Devotional

Taking the Pressure Off (from "From His Heart, by Pastor Jeff Schreve")
How shall I deliver Israel? Behold, my family is the least in Manasseh, and I am the youngest (Judges 6:15).
Have you ever felt great pressure to try to live the Christian life?
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UpWords with Max Lucado

UpWords with Max Lucado
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Friday, March 25, 2011 Email Email   Facebook Facebook TwitterTwitter   Print Print

The Sufferings of His Broken Heart
by Max Lucado

Go with me for a moment to witness what was perhaps the foggiest night in history. The scene is very simple; you’ll recognize it quickly. A grove of twisted olive trees. Ground cluttered with large rocks. A low stone fence. A dark, dark night.

Now, look into the picture. Look closely through the shadowy foliage. See that person? See that solitary figure? What’s he doing? Flat on the ground. Face stained with dirt and tears. Fists pounding the hard earth. Eyes wide with a stupor of fear. Hair matted with salty sweat. Is that blood on his forehead?

That’s Jesus. Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Maybe you’ve seen the classic portrait of Christ in the garden. Kneeling beside a big rock. Snow-white robe. Hands peacefully folded in prayer. A look of serenity on his face. Halo over his head. A spotlight from heaven illuminating his golden-brown hair.

Now, I’m no artist, but I can tell you one thing. The man who painted that picture didn’t use the gospel of Mark as a pattern. Look what Mark wrote about that painful night, he used phrases like these: “Horror and dismay came over him.” “My heart is ready to breakwith grief.” “He went a little forward and threw himself on the ground.”

Does this look like the picture of a saintly Jesus resting in the palm of God? Hardly. Mark used black paint to describe this scene. We see an agonizing, straining, and struggling Jesus. We see a “man of sorrows.” (Isaiah 53:3 NASB) We see a man struggling with fear, wrestling with commitments, and yearning for relief.

We see Jesus in the fog of a broken heart.

The writer of Hebrews would later pen, “During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death.” (Hebrews 5:7 NIV)

My, what a portrait! Jesus is in pain. Jesus is on the stage of fear. Jesus is cloaked, not in sainthood, but in humanity.

The next time the fog finds you, you might do well to remember Jesus in the garden. The next time you think that no one understands, reread the fourteenth chapter of Mark. The next time your self-pity convinces you that no one cares, pay a visit to Gethsemane. And the next time you wonder if God really perceives the pain that prevails on this dusty planet, listen to him pleading among the twisted trees.

The next time you are called to suffer, pay attention. It may be the closest you’ll ever get to God. Watch closely. It could very well be that the hand that extends itself to lead you out of the fog is a pierced one.

This is Love - The Extraordinary Story of Jesus

NEW Gift Book! This story from:
This is Love - The Extraordinary Story of Jesus
Copyright (Thomas Nelson, 2011) Max Lucado

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TH Daily - March 25 - Michelle Malkin, Brent Bozell, Elisabeth Meinecke, David Limbaugh, Larry Kudlow and More

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The Weiner Waiver Wormhole
Michelle Malkin:

New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner toasted the one-year anniversary of Obamacare this week -- and accidentally spilled his champagne glass all over the disastrous, one-size-fits-all mandate. ... more

The Atheist Mormon-Trashing Musical
Brent Bozell:

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the perpetually immature creators of the filthy cartoon "South Park," have spent years delivering product sure to please high school sophomores and L.A. Times film critics. Now they're taking aim at Mormons. ... more

Illinois Gun Owners' Privacy Under Attack
Elisabeth Meinecke:

An MSM reporter made a legal request to the state of Illinois to disclose the identities of all gun owners in the state. They'll stay private for now, but that's a tenuous situation. ... more

Obama's Libya: Completing His Remaking of America
David Limbaugh:

Everyone seems to have a different theory about why President Obama attacked Libya. I don't think it's that mysterious. ... more

Cantor's Pro-Growth Call
Larry Kudlow:

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor unveiled a strong pro-growth economic plan at Stanford's Hoover Institution this week. Cantor is afraid the Republican budget-cutting message is a little too austere, so he's attempting to balance the necessary budget cuts with a pro-growth, tax-and-regulatory reform message. ... more

Memo to Chairman Priebus
Hugh Hewitt:

Congratulations on a great start to your term as chair of the Republican National Committee. Past supporters are returning again to GOP.com with confidence that their contributions will be well-managed and that the RNC will be about the business of building the party at every level. ... more

Laureates and Leaders
Oliver North:

Nobel laureate Barack Obama, fresh from his Latin American spring break, is in serious trouble. ... more

How Killing Libyans Became a Moral Imperative
Pat Buchanan:

Why did Obama launch this unconstitutional war? ... more

Off to Mecca with Eric Holder's Blessing
Mona Charen:

The village of Berkeley, Ill., has only 5,245 residents but has attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice. ... more

The Power of a Cow
Michael Gerson:

Malawi is a distant country, but it also feels distantly familiar. The roads and farms and livestock would have been commonplace in America a century ago. ... more

Hispanic Boom
Linda Chavez:

New Census figures out this week show that the Hispanic population in the U.S. has increased dramatically over the last decade. ... more

Dressing Like Little Hookers
Suzanne Fields:

Many Americans were disappointed when President Obama devoted a Saturday radio address to a celebration of the progress of women in society. ... more

ACLU: 'Communism is the Goal'
Matt Barber:

Irony is defined as "the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning." The term doublespeak means "evasive, ambiguous language that is intended to deceive or confuse." ... more

Economy: Obama's Biggest Obstacle in 2011
Donald Lambro:

While President Obama was touring the capitals of Latin America this past week, Americans were being battered by one bad economic report after another. ... more

Getting Richer, Not Poorer
Rich Tucker:

On an ancient episode of The Simpsons, Lisa sets out to write an essay about what made America great. "What would Ben Franklin say if he were alive today?" she writes. "He'd say … find a better opening." ... more

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