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The Revolution v. RomneyCare

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Ten Million Dollars.

That's how much establishment candidate Mitt Romney raised in one day last month from well-heeled party bigwigs for his 2012 White House bid.

I'm writing today to see if you are up for a challenge.

I don't need 10 million dollars to match Mitt Romney. After all, I don't have to defend a liberal record as governor of Massachusetts.

I don't have to defend against passing a bill just as bad as ObamaCare.  Mitt Romney does.  So it's ok if he has a bit more money than we do.

He's going to need it.

But I certainly need to compete.  It's vital I have the financial backing to build a first-class operation in early caucus and primary states and show the pundits and press that I am a serious candidate.

I know these so-called "gate keepers" are part of the Washington problem, but the fact is their either dismissing of candidates or praising them makes a difference to many undecided voters.

That's why the grassroots launched a the R3VOLUTION v. RomneyCare Money Bomb today.

Will you help us in this grassroots effort to build a first-class operation in early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire?

After today, every reporter in America will know the Ron Paul campaign is a top-tier effort.

Support for my Presidential campaign is growing every day.  You and I have a real chance to strike a blow for Liberty this year.

I think we're doing so well for a very important reason: People look back to my message of 2008, and they see I was right!

I predicted the housing crisis.  I predicted the disastrous actions of the FED and the effects of our incompetent monetary policy.

I clearly and forcefully stated that government spending was going to bankrupt us.  And I argued against trillion dollar foreign occupations.

All of these warnings and predictions have come true.  The American people are coming around to the ideas of sound money, balanced budgets, and a return to a truly conservative foreign policy.

You may have noticed that even the media is paying attention this time, after trying so hard to keep our message hidden last cycle.

That's why I'm hopeful.  I'm hopeful that we are in time to save America, to rebuild our economy, and to hand our children an even better country than the one we inherited.

I believe the time is right to return to the principles embedded in the United States Constitution.

As I like to say, freedom is popular, and now is the time to take action.

If elected, I will work hard to:

***    Stop the spread of socialist, big government health care;

***    Stop the growth of government spending, restrictive regulations, and interference in our lives;

***    Audit the Federal Reserve, which, I believe, will serve as an important first step toward finally ending the Fed once and for all;

***    Ensure the federal government returns to its constitutional limits by eliminating departments and agencies that are not authorized by the Constitution.

***    Ensure a new, more humble foreign policy for our nation.  We cannot be the world's policeman.  We should not engage in "Nation-Building."  We cannot afford trillion dollar international boondoggles that cost us our lives, our fortunes, and our freedom.

***    Repeal Big Government schemes like the so-called "PATRIOT" Act.

Of course, that won't be all.  But, as I hope you'll agree, that's a good start.

If you agree the time is right for our message of Liberty, I hope you'll also agree the time is right to help our campaign financially.

I can hardly tell you how important that would be - especially at this crucial time.

We need to send a message to the establishment.  While you can raise 10 million dollars from your corporate fat cats, it's still not enough to defeat the message of Liberty.

And if you can help this campaign really take off now with a contribution of $250, $100, $50, $35, $20.12, or even the legal maximum of $2,500 ($5,000 for couples), I'd certainly appreciate it.  You can click here to donate.

An early contribution is especially important for at least two reasons:

In 2008, frankly, we started short and in some states never really made it up.  I am determined not to repeat that mistake.

In fact, many political experts say early money raised now is worth five times as much as money raised in the closing weeks.

The good news is there's something happening right now all over the country.  There has never been a better time for our message to get through, or a better opportunity to spread the ideas of Liberty.

We saw it all across the country in 2010.  Folks are waking up, and things are turning around.  And it's due in large part to your hard work in 2008 and the years that followed.

People are simply ready for the message of freedom.

That's why I'm counting on your financial support to help me get my pro-freedom message out.

Of course, $2,500 per person ($5,000 per married couple) is the maximum contribution legal under federal law.

But whatever you can contribute - $500, $250, $100, $50, $35 or $20.12 - will help tremendously.

I want to send a shockwave through the establishment and insiders, and this will be a big part of it.

The R3VOLUTION we started is at a crucial stage.  Your early contribution now will also allow us to ramp up our efforts in all the key primary states.  That's why political experts say that $1 now is worth as much as $5 later on.

Your support today will determine if you and I can move the R3volution forward in 2012.

For Liberty,

Ron Paul

P.S.  The other candidates have their corporate establishment Big Money donors.  They have their lobbyists and their PACs.  Mitt Romney used his insider rolodex (thick with Wall Street bankers) to raise 10 million dollars for his campaign.

Patriots like you can help me fight back.  Please chip in your most generous contribution toward the grassroots the R3VOLUTION v. RomneyCare Money Bomb.  Thank you for your support.

Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee


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