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Kissinger, Walking Like a Dinosaur, and the Secret Weapon of the Confederacy: This Week on Nat Geo

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September 12 - 18

 Photo: Kissinger
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With exclusive access and more than 20 hours of interviews, this film gives a unique insight into the man who, perhaps more than any other individual, shaped the post-war foreign policy of the United States. In doing so, Henry Kissinger remains one of the most controversial figures in American politics.

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Frontier Force
Frontier Force:
Cowboy Mardi Gras
- NEW - TUESDAY at 10P et/pt
Montana's finest are pitted against a gauntlet of zealous fishermen, possible gun-toting meth heads, and the raucous crowds of the "Cowboy Mardi Gras."
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 Photo: Jurassic CSI
Jurassic CSI: Walk Like a Dinosaur
- NEW - FRIDAY at 8P et/pt
Paleontologist Phil Manning gets his hands on a high tech crime scene tool and heads off around the world to find out how dinosaurs may have walked... and maybe even how they ran.
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 Photo: The Plot to Kill Lincoln
The Plot to Kill Lincoln
SATURDAY at 8P et/pt
Hear the story of how Mary became involved with Lincoln's assasin and examines whether or not she deserved to hang.
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 Photo: Border Wars
Border Wars: Smuggler's Tunnel
- NEW - SUNDAY at 10P et/pt
With increased border security, smugglers resort to new methods to get humans and drugs into the United States, including claustrophobic drug smuggling tunnels.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Secret Weapon of the Confederacy
Secret Weapon of the Confederacy
- NEW - THU at 9P et/pt

A forensic team has uncovered compelling new evidence that might solve one of the greatest mysteries of the Civil War: the disappearance of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley and her crew.
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 Photo: Miracle Babies
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Alaska Wing Men: Deadly Skies
Border Wars: Murder on the Lake
The Real Abraham Lincoln
Jurassic CSI: Walk Like a Dinosaur
- NEW -
The Plot to Kill Lincoln
Drugs, Inc.: Cocaine
9P et/pt
Frontier Force: Trailer Tricks
Border Wars: Cocaine Sting
Secret Weapon of the Confederacy
- NEW -
Vancouver with Eva Mendes
- NEW -
Haiti with Flea
- NEW -
Secret Weapon of the Confederacy
Drugs, Inc.: Meth
10P et/pt
Inside the State Department
Frontier Force: Cowboy Mardi Gras
- NEW -
Border Wars: Marijuana Airdrop
Unlikely Animal Friends 2
Border Wars: Smuggler's Tunnel
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