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Choosing Grace -- July 4, 2011

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Spiritual Life

Choosing Grace
Dr. James Emery White
Everyone thinks grace is a wonderful idea until they are faced with a situation that calls for it to be applied.
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How to Find Freedom through Becoming a Slave
Whitney Hopler
Paradoxically, following your own path only leads to bondage. Becoming a slave to Christ is the only way to A Better Freedom.
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Fourth of July

Instilling the Meaning of Independence Day
David Crowe
What does the Fourth of July mean to contemporary Americans? For many it means a day off from work and little more... What does the Fourth of July mean to contemporary Americans? For many it means a day off from work and little more...
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Another Declaration of Independence: Freedom in Christ
Mike Pohlman
Even as I prize my freedom as an American, I am moved to consider a greater freedom.
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He Said-She Said: Is This Behavior Inappropriate?
Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle
"I feel that it is totally and completely inappropriate for the senior pastor, who is a married man, to call my fiancée on a daily basis." Is this inappropriate? Find out what "he" and "she" have said.
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Religion Today

Ecumenical Accord Reached on Proselytizing: Did You Know?
Francis X. Rocca
The document calls on individual Christian churches to develop guidelines for proselytizing "among those of different religions and among those who do not profess any particular religion."
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More Clean Comedy on Thou Shalt Laugh! 5
Laura MacCorkle
Hosted by Chonda Pierce and featuring six comedians, Thou Shalt Laugh! 5 is 90 minutes of comedy that won't make you cringe or have to fast-forward while the kids are in the room.
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TH Daily - July 04 - Michael Barone, Mike Adams, Lurita Doan, John Ransom, Mike Needham and More

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Replacing Property as a Source of Wealth Creation
Michael Barone

I Will Pray For You
Mike Adams

Obama's Misleading Vocabulary
Lurita Doan

Washington's First Fourth
John Ransom

Obama: Neither the Will nor Ideas
Mike Needham

Of Great Empires and Little Minds
Paul Greenberg

Set Off Katy Perry Fireworks
Katie Kieffer

"A Founding Fathers' Independence Day Celebration"
Terry Paulson

Bachmann is Right About the Minimum Wage
Star Parker

The Awakening of Black America
Bruce Bialosky

Don't Let Dodd-Frank Rip You Off Too
Chris Poindexter

How Union Busting Helps Kids (and Everyone Else) In WI
Mike Shedlock

Defacing the White House, America
Mark Baisley

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