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TH Daily - April 03 - Doug Giles, Debra J. Saunders, Paul Jacob, Steve Chapman, Kevin McCullough and More

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Snookipocalypse: The End Has Come
Doug Giles:

Here are my predictions for the Shore crowd ... more

'No Blood for Oil' Is for Sale!
Debra J. Saunders:

"No blood for oil" was a popular slogan chanted by the left in opposition to President George W. Bush's push to send U.S. forces into Iraq. Now that President Obama authorized Operation Odyssey Dawn in Libya, I have been waiting to hear chants of "no blood for oil." I am happy to report, I don't hear them. ... more

Nirvana postponed
Paul Jacob:

Energy independence. The belief that, when it comes the energy upon which our civization rests, the benefits of free trade and the very laws of reality mean nothing. ... more

Obama's 'Bloodbath': Can We Believe the Hype?
Steve Chapman:

Remember when a crusading president, acting on dubious intelligence, insufficient information and exaggerated fears, took the nation into a Middle Eastern war of choice? That was George W. Bush in 2003, invading Iraq. But it's also Barack Obama in 2011, attacking Libya. ... more

'No He Can't: Economically'
Kevin McCullough:

This past week President Barack Obama took additional steps towards the destruction of the very "Hope" and "Change" that he had promised in his campaign. ... more

What the Census Does and Doesn't Do to Politics
Salena Zito:

On a frigid February morning, the Census Bureau delivered chilling news to the mayors of New York, Detroit and Chicago. ... more

It's More Than the Economy, Stupid!
Ken Connor:

As the Iowa caucuses loom, potential contenders for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination are jockeying for position, each eager to establish themselves as the person best-suited to take on Barack Obama. ... more

Saving America From Greedy Politicians
Austin Hill:

President Barack Obama leads the way with this destructive and self-serving politics. He has made it a central theme of his presidency to speak often of the need for "shared sacifice," noting that we all must be willing to "give a little" in order for our nation to fully recover from the "great recession." ... more

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