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TH Daily - April 24 - John Ransom, Doug Giles, Debra J. Saunders, Mark Baisley, Kyle Olson and More

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This Week's Tweets I Like
John Ransom:

This week I've picked a broad array of topics from the Twitterverse of followers of @bamransom, including life, foreign policy, Sen. Ensign and Nevada, the debt "bomb" and the Department of Energy. ... more

Why Hunters Rock and Anti-Hunters Are a Crock
Doug Giles:

My wife and I have an acquaintance from Boston we're unfortunately forced to interface with on an irregular basis who continuously gives me and my family hell about hunting. ... more

Cult of 'Three Cups of Tea' Should Have Known Better
Debra J. Saunders:

The first tip-off that Greg Mortenson's memoir "Three Cups of Tea" has some credibility issues comes in the book's introduction. Co-author David Oliver Relin writes that as Mortenson is flying over Pakistan, the helicopter pilot marvels to Mortenson, "I've been flying in northern Pakistan for 40 years. How is it you know the terrain better than me?" ... more

The Kennedy Curve
Mark Baisley:

For years, I have puzzled over the mystery of the liberal mindset. I have concluded that it makes no sense to ascribe the capacity of deductive reasoning to an adult American leftist. ... more

Was Andrew Breitbart Being Punk'd by Martin Bashir?
Kyle Olson:

In promotion of his excellent book, "Righteous Indignation," Andrew Breitbart appeared on MSNBC with host Martin Bashir. ... more

The Easter Effect
David Stokes:

There are moments in time and space when transitory issues fade in significance as things that seem to matter so much are trumped by what really matters most. ... more

Do We Have the Gumption to Take Our Medicine?
Ken Connor:

With Washington's budget showdown over – for now, at least – attention has shifted to the next major government funding crisis on the horizon. With a mere $80 billion between the government and default, lawmakers, lobbyists, and Obama officials are scrambling to make the case for an extended line of credit. ... more

PROVEN: Obama the Tax Hypocrite
Kevin McCullough:

The President Barack Obama has been proven a hypocrite. ... more

Mom Plays God: Brings Good from Evil
Frank Turek:

'If God stopped all evil, he might start with you . . . and me because we both do evil every day.' To end evil on earth God would have to take away our free will. But if he takes away our free will, he takes away our ability to love as well. ... more

University Administrators Refuse to Allow Christians to Speak Their Peace
Alan Sears:

It's hard to understand what, exactly, public university officials across the country have against the Christians on their campus. ... more

Burn the witches with gas
Paul Jacob:

A perennial panic over fuel prices throws caution, reason, and humility out the window. ... more

Unwelcome Surprises in Libya
Steve Chapman:

Is it too early to declare our intervention in Libya a failure? More than a month after we started bombing, the insurgency has suffered a string of defeats. ... more

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