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The Civil Warriors and the Plot to Kill Lincoln This Week on Nat Geo Channel

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April 11 - 17

 Photo: Civil Warriors
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Civil Warriors
- NEW - TONIGHT starting at 8P et/pt

PREVIEW Episode 1: "Families at War" >>

In honor of the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, the descendants of ordinary Americans go on an epic journey in search of their ancestors' personal Civil War, while their stories are dramatically brought to life as still photographs turn into moving pictures.

PREVIEW Episode 2: "Free at Last" >>

PREVIEW Episode 3: "The Hard War" >>

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: The Conspirator: The Plot to Kill Lincoln
The Conspirator:
The Plot to Kill Lincoln
- NEW - TUESDAY at 9P et/pt
The trial and execution of Mary Surratt for her role in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln has long been a matter of debate and the question still remains - did Mary deserve to die?
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Journey to the Edge of the Universe
Journey to the Edge of the Universe
- NEW - THURSDAY at 9P et/pt

Journey out of our atmosphere, past the moon and our neighbor planets, out of our solar system, to the nearest stars, nebulae and galaxies and beyond.
Watch a Preview >>

 Photo: Hooked
Hooked: Chasing Marlin
- NEW - FRIDAY at 9P et/pt
A pair of the world's best spear fishermen team up with two intrepid biologists, journeying into remote, shark-infested waters to try for a break-through in tagging science.
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 Photo: Shark Men

Shark Men: Surfing with Sharks

- NEW - SUNDAY at 10P et/pt
The crew of the Ocean pulls up off the beach at Malibu. With surfers and swimmers in clear view, the crew gets angling. They are looking to land another great white.
Watch a Preview >>
Photo of the Week
 Photo: China's Valley of the Kings
China's Valley of the Kings
- NEW - SAT at 8P et/pt

Enter China's "Valley of the Kings," a world where mega-tombs of stupendous size once proclaimed the might of emperors.
Watch a Preview >>

Also From National Geographic
 Photo: The Volcano Next Door
The Volcano Next Door

See the dangers inherent in living between active volcanoes and a methane-infused lake bed in this interactive graphic.

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 Photo: New Gravity Map - Lumpy Earth
New Gravity Map: Lumpy Earth

The best map yet of Earth's gravity field can help track ocean currents and study the forces behind major earthquakes, experts say.

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8P et/pt
Civil Warriors: Families at War
- NEW -
The Real Abraham Lincoln
Border Wars: Sotrm Surge
Hubble's Amazing Universe
Hooked: Vampire Fish
China's Valley of the Kings
- NEW -
Shark Men: Murky Waters
9P et/pt
Civil Warriors: Free at Last
- NEW -
The Conspirator: The Plot to Kill Lincoln
- NEW -
Border Wars: Death of the Rio Grande
Journey to the Edge of the Universe
Hooked: Chasing Marlin
- NEW -
Shark Men: Murky Waters
Shark Men: Hot Water
10P et/pt
Civil Warriors: The Hard War
- NEW -
The Real George Washington
Witness: Disaster in Japan
- NEW -
Hooked: Fishzilla
Shark Men: Hot Water
Shark Men: Surfing with Sharks
- NEW -

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