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The Liquid Bomb Plot: The Story of the Largest Terror Plot Since 9/11

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August 15 - 21

 Photo: Witness Katrina
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The Liquid Bomb Plot
- NEW - THIS SUNDAY at 9P et/pt


In 2006, British and U.S. intelligence agencies and counter-terrorist police faced a race against time as they tried to foil the largest and most sophisticated terror plot since 9/11. See this incredible, gripping detective story from the deserts of rural Pakistan, through the back streets of London, to the corridors of power in Washington, and to its heart-stopping climax.

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Drain the Ocean
Hard Time: The Convict Cycle
- NEW - TUESDAY at 10P et/pt
Meet inmates who swear that prison has changed them- some for the better and some for the worse. We'll meet an inmate on his way to completing his sentence who realizes that prison changed him into a better man.
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 Photo: Hard Time
Salvage Code Red: 3 Episodes
- NEW - THURSDAY at 8P et/pt
Three episodes of Salvage Code Red start at 8P e/p when a salvage team races to the scene to rescue the crew and save the ship before it leaks poison into the waters where African penguins and other sensitive marine life live.
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 Photo: Search for the Amazon Headshrinkers
Jurassic CSI: Megasaurus
- NEW - FRiDAY at 8P et/pt
Giant dinosaurs seemed to defy physical laws to become the biggest land animals ever. Paleontologist Phil Manning uses the latest techniques to see if there are even bigger dinosaurs out there waiting to be to be unearthed.
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 Photo: Monster Fish
Monster Fish:
Jumping Giants of Laos
- NEW - FRiDAY at 10P et/pt
Dr. Zeb Hogan heads to one of the world's largest waterfalls, the Khone Falls in Laos, to unlock a mystery of how giant fish climb over incredible cascades and to find out if proposed dams along the Mekong will block the fish migratory routes forever.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Make Me Superhuman
Pint-Sized Preachers
- NEW - WED at 10P et/pt

Go inside the controversial world of child evangelists to follow two rising-stars and one established child minister as they spread God's word and bring congregations to their feet.
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Newborn Blue Whale
Kingdom of the Blue Whale airs SUNDAY at 8P et/pt on Nat Geo WILD

The world's eminent blue whale scientists embark on a mission to find and record the breeding and calving grounds of the biggest animals on Earth.
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 Photo: Bullet Ant Ritual
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Witness: Caught by Disaster
Alaska State Troopers: Shots Fired
Taboo: Prostitution
Salvage Code Red: Toxic Threat
- NEW -
Jurassic CSI: Megasaurus
- NEW -
Alaska State Troopers: Drug Bust
Inside the Green Berets
9P et/pt
Witness: Disaster in Japan
Hard Time: Prisoner Protest
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Salvage Code Red: Dead in the Water
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Hard Time: Prisoner Protest
The Liquid Bomb Plot
- NEW -
10P et/pt
Explorer: 24 Hours After Hiroshima
Hard Time: The Convict Cycle
- NEW -
Pint-Sized Preachers
- NEW -
Salvage Code Red: Disaster Zone
- NEW -
Monster Fish: Jumping Giants of Laos
- NEW -
Hard Time: The Convict Cycle

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