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Why We Still Need the KJV -- April 4, 2011

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Bible Study

The Once and Future Bible: Why We Still Need the KJV

Stan Guthrie
What we call the KJV had a reach that extended down from heaven and did much to transform the earth, touching both prince and pauper.
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Rob Bell, the Book, and a Candle
John Mark Reynolds
The Bible require rigorous exegetical skills or it ends up saying what we wish it said. Rob Bell's god ends up looking suspiciously like Rob Bell, never a good sign.
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Faith and The Church

What Subway Can Teach the Church
Dr. James Emery White
"We're continually looking at just about any opportunity for someone to buy a sandwich, wherever that might be," says Don Fertman, Subway's Chief Development Officer. "The closer we can get to the customer, the better."
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Contrasting Singleness vs. Alone-ness in Ministerial Hiring
John Mark Reynolds
"Single" and "alone" are not synonymous. A person can be married and alone just as one can be single and live a full life in community.
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Spiritual Life

8 Steps to Meeting God in Silence and Solitude
Whitney Hopler
The spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude may be quiet, but they're also full of adventure...
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Movie Reviews

Colorful Hop Exceeds Low Expectations
Jeffrey Huston
What Hop lacks in originality it makes up for in high energy, bright and colorful imagery and a lively and talented cast led by James Marsden.
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Holy Week: Prepare for Easter with Your Family
Noël Piper
We reveal to ourselves and others what is important to us by the way we celebrate. Is the season before Easter mainly a hassle or is it a time of considering God's work in our lives?
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April 4 - 10

 Photo: Eating with Cannibals
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This Week's Highlights
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Gladiators Back from the Dead
- NEW - TUESDAY at 9P et/pt
Archaeologists have unearthed what is believed to be an ancient gladiator graveyard, containing 75 skeletons with savage bone wounds suggesting lives of extreme violence.
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Return of the Ghost Ship
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Underwater explorers in the Baltic Sea set out to bring a recently discovered ghost ship - one of the most intact ancient wooden wrecks ever found - back to life.
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Into Iceland's Volcano
- NEW - THURSDAY at 9P et/pt
The 2010 eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokul volcano brought havoc around the world. With potentially bigger eruptions looming, a film crew makes a unique journey to the center of a nearby volcano in search of facts about Iceland's violent eruptions.
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 Photo: Unlikely Animal Friends

Lost Land of the Tiger

- NEW - FRIDAY at 9P et/pt
Go in search of an undiscovered tiger population rumored to be hidden in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. This pristine country of lush forests, clear rivers and icy mountains could hold the key to safeguarding the future for these big cats.
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Photo of the Week
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Shark Men
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In the second season opener, the Shark Men head to the rocky, barren Farallon Islands off the coast of San Francisco, having been granted the first-ever permit to hook a great white shark at the Farallons for research.
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Eating with Cannibals
Hunt for the Abominable Snowman
Gladiators Back from the Dead
Return of the Ghost Ship
Into Iceland's Volcano
Eating with Cannibals
Alaska Wing Men: Deadly Skies
9P et/pt
Hunt for the Abominable Snowman
- NEW -
Gladiators Back from the Dead
- NEW -
Return of the Ghost Ship
- NEW -
Into Iceland's Volcano
- NEW -
Lost Land of the Tiger
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Death of a Sea Monster
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Shark Men: Murky Waters
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Last Stand of the Templars
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Ben Franklin's Pirate Fleet
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