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The Glorious Power of the Resurrection -- April 21, 2011

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The Glorious Power of the Resurrection
Michael Craven
As we begin this Holy Week there is no other issue, no other thought more demanding of our attention than that of the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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"A Massive Shift Coming in What it Means to be a Christian"?
Albert Mohler
TIME magazine considers Rob Bell.
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Faith and The Church

Risky Business: Avoiding the Seven Most Common Perils of Youth Work
Paul Asay
Even seemingly innocent day-to-day interactions with youth can lead to unspeakable dangers—for the youth and for the viability of your ministry.
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The Simple Gospel
John MacArthur
Christ not only gives meaning to life, but also restores harmony to our spiritual lives by completely forgiving our sin.
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God Can Resurrect Your Marriage from the Ashes
Sharon Jaynes
Today, Jona offers hope to couples who are hurting as she shares how the Holy Spirit restored their marriage when all appeared lost.
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Work at Home: Freelancing and Consulting
Kevin and Kay Marie Brennfleck
Turning the dream of self-employment into reality begins by thinking carefully about what you want to achieve.
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The Arts

10 Tips for Smart Film Viewing
Roy Anker
Films are one of the most powerful forms of popular culture. How can we view films more intelligently and reflectively? The following 10 tips should help.
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Today's Devotional

An Easter Bride (from "Girlfriends in God")
The wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready (Rev. 19:7).
Aunt Iris's passing was not a funeral; it was a wedding.
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Breakthrough Technology Could Send VSUL Shares Up 570 Percent


Visualant Inc. (VSUL) Looks Ready To Run As High As 570% As It Taps Into The $20 Billion High-Tech Border Security And Defense Sector

Fellow Investor:

This is as exciting as it gets.

A brilliant young company has cracked the code and solved a big problem that has nagged the police and the military for years.

Because of this breakthrough, the company has emerged as the potential leader in the high-tech fight against illegal aliens, Asian counterfeiters, South American drug gangs and organized crime.

This is big-time stuff.

When you see how the company has solved this critical law-enforcement problem, you'll know why its stock shares look set for a near-certain climb from around 35 cents to $2.25... then, perhaps, beyond that.

This, as you know, is how breakthrough tech stocks move... quickly... dramatically... and, in this case, in a way that could allow you to bank as much as a rapid 570% return.

VSUL Looks To Be 2011's Best
Market-Beating Tech Stock

The company is called Visualant Inc. (VSUL)... you'll want to get in while it trades at a deep discount...

To help you do that, I have written an investment bank-quality Research Report that details for you exactly why Visualant Inc. (VSUL) is likely your top tech stock in 2011... a vibrant, market-beating opportunity.

You can access my detailed report on VSUL right here... though, if you want
to know about me and this high-potential stock please read on for a bit.

Read Full Report Now

TransTech Systems Obtains Exclusive Department of Homeland Security Distribution Deal.

Visualant subsidiary TransTech Systems has become the exclusive distributor to the U.S. Federal Government of a new custom-developed proximity card programmer for their new ID cards. Click here to learn more

FOX News Star And
Best-Selling Author

By the way, I am, Tobin Smith. For the past 10 years I have been a contributing market analyst for the FOX News Channel and a regular panelist on FOX's "Bulls & Bears," a top rated business show on television.

My New York Times best seller is "ChangeWave Investing." My Amazon #1 best seller is "Billion Dollar Green."

And, I am also the Chairman and CEO of the NBT Group... a boutique investment bank that serves the needs of high-net-worth individuals and accredited investors.

My high profile means I get access to a lot of great investment ideas, but I usually only act on three or four a year - frankly, I cherry pick the best.

And, when it comes to the potential for a huge upside, Visualant Inc. (VSUL) is as good as it gets in the tech sector this year.

Here's why you should be excited by it, too.

How To Send Illegal Immigrants Home

The most important problem facing the United States today is border security and the influx of a huge population of illegal immigrants.

Now, let's be frank. The illegal alien problem is not really about their jobs... few Americans would want these terrible, low-paying jobs to begin with.

No, the problem with the illegal population is the services they use and don't pay for... schools, hospitals, uninsured drivers, the court system, jails and prisons.

In fact, the cost is staggering.

Nearly 13 million illegal immigrants cost the U.S. a whopping $113 billion a year - an average of $1,117 for every "native-headed" household in America - according to a study conducted by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

In Texas, the additional cost of immigration, $16.4 billion, is equal to the state's current budget deficit; in California the cost of illegal immigration, $21.8 billion, is $8 billion more than the state's current budget deficit of $13.8 billion; and in New York, the $6.8 billion deficit is roughly two-thirds the $9.5 billion yearly cost of its illegal population. Source: FAIR



You need to read my VSUL Special Report now... because its details this new deal Visualant is poised to strike.

Visualant has signed a letter of intent to acquire Eagle Technologies USA of Brea, California.

This is a big deal.

Eagle, founded by card industry leaders Greg and Ryan Hawkins and Jeff Fulmer in 2008 has rapidly emerged as the premier provider of blank PVC and polyester composite cards to the identification market.

The deal for Eagle would provide an immediate additional $1 million in annual revenue to Visualant.

Better still, Eagle's projects its revenue to grow by $3 to $4 million over the next two years as it increases the range and technical sophistication of its product line.

"Blank" cards is a misnomer - these cards sell at 40% margins because of the technology included like magnetic stripes, holograms etc.

I would call this a "tuck-in " transaction for the VSUL consolidation program.

This is how industry consolidation programs work: Eagle and its management team get the human and capital resources necessary to rapidly accelerate its growth - VSUL gets great people and accretive EPS that has significant growth upside.

Should the deal close – and I am convinced it will – Eagle's founders get shares of VSUL stock plus an additional 1million shares when Eagle products achieve $4 million in calendar year sales.

This might actually be a simple goal to reach, as Eagle CEO Greg Hawkins once grew sales for another blank PVC card company to $10M by building a sales team.

He left to be his own boss...now he is his own boss but with an opportunity for liquid equity in his business.

PVC cards are the staple of the identification card business. ID cards get renewed annually - it's the gift that keeps on giving. These blank cards also go the credit cards/reward cards/hotel key cards...if it's a plastic card it's made by Eagle.

Forty percent margins - quadrupling sales. These are the type of accretive, value building acquisitions you want to see with VSUL... and it delivered.

VSUL's New Spectral Scanner
Spots Fake IDs In Seconds...
It's Like An Instant DNA Test For Documents

And, how does this illegal population manage to stay in the U.S.? How can it send its kids to schools, buy cars, rent apartments, get bank accounts... welfare and food stamps?

Fake ID's - counterfeit documents... from Green cards to passports to driver's licenses to Social Security cards... fake, fake, fake, fake, and fake again.

In fact, it is estimated that 50 percent of the world's fake identity documents are made in the U.S.A.

And, Visualant has a stunning new technology that could put a huge dent in the fake document business... Right now, it looks as if nothing can fool VSUL's spectral scanner... better still, it's easy to use and low cost, as you'll see.

This is why I am convinced VSUL could be 2011's TECH STOCK OF THE YEAR... with the potential for a minimum share-price jump of at least 570%.

VSUL's Spectral Scanner Could Help
Put An End To Cold-Blooded,
Needless Deaths Caused By Counterfeit Drugs

If you're like me, you may not get why people use illegal drugs, but you understand there are people who want to make a huge profit on drug users.

But unlike those drugs dealers, what we really don't understand is how someone - anyone - can coldly sell fake prescription drugs to people who need drugs to stay alive.

This is beyond vicious. Yet it happens every day.

In fact, a report from the Vatican says that at least 700,000 people each year die because they are taking counterfeit drugs.

Many of these drugs come directly from manufacturers who use outsourced foreign factories to make the drugs.


The US-based Center for Medicine in the Public Interest estimated that the global sale of counterfeit drugs would reach $75 billion by the end of 2010, a 92 percent increase in five years.

The biggest example of that happened two years ago when a Chinese supplier used a fake ingredient in a widely used blood thinner called Heparin.

In fact, as much as 50 percent of each dose was said to be counterfeit, according to The New York Times.

VSUL Has The Power To Stop Criminals Cold...
Better Still Its Breakthrough SPM Scanner
Could Lead You To A 570% Gain

The tragedy was worldwide.... yet this cold-blooded crime still happens every day...

Just look at this brief example of what the World Health Organization recently uncovered...

Counterfeit Drugs Sold Under Real Brand Names

  • Metakelfin (antimalarial) lacked sufficient active ingredient
  • Xenical (for fighting obesity) contained no active ingredients
  • Zyprexa (for treating bipolar disorder and schizophrenia) lacked sufficient active ingredient
  • Lipitor (for lowering cholesterol) lacked sufficient active ingredient

And, you already know why this happens. Serious profits... dirty profits... it's outrageous.

"In some cases producing counterfeit medicine can be ten times as profitable per kilogram as heroin," according to Science Daily.

This is why I urge you to read my detailed investment-bank quality
Research Report on VSUL, which you can get right here.

Read Full Report Now


VSUL – The Year Of The Rat Inventions Galore!

Here's a great new deal VSUL is on to. It is set to acquire The RATLab ("running around thinking") – a Seattle based research and development laboratory.

The "Rat" is the brainchild of Dr. Tom Furness, founder and Director of the HITLab International, with labs at Seattle, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, and the University of Tasmania in Australia. He is also genius behind Visualant's SPM technology.

RATLab is total genius stuff. Dr. Furness is a prolific inventor and the brains behind two public companies: MicroVision (MVIS) and F5 (FFIV).

F5 is a $billion market cap company focusing on Application Server optimization - which is a fancy way of saying their technology allows corporations to spend less money on their networks. MicroVision is the leader in Pico projection - using tiny MEMs mirrors to project images anywhere.

But the deal with RATLab doesn't end with Dr. Furness. You see, RATLab is also guided by Dr. Brian Schowengerdt, a research scientist in the field of optics and vision science, who developed the Spectral Pattern Matching ("SPM") technology under contract for Visualant.

With this acquisition, Visualant will consolidate all intellectual property relating to the SPM technology in the Company. In addition to its current authentication and security applications of SPM, the Company will now own all other applications including the important fields of medicine, agriculture, and the environment and begin the creation of the Visualant Laboratory.

Upon the closing of this asset acquisition transaction, Dr. Tom Furness stays in the lab inventing and Dr. Schowenger becomes the CTO for Visualant.

Great value building acquisition in my opinion.

I am set to interview Dr. Schowenger to see what new ideas for VSUL he is working on.

When you sign up to get my FREE Special Report on VSUL... I'll make sure to send you copy of my interview with Dr. Schowenger.

Every Forger, Counterfeiter And Illegal Alien Will
Live In Fear Of Visualant's SPM Technology

As I am about to show you, Visualant's spectral scanner can stop counterfeiters dead in their tracks... before they kill again... it can help send illegals home where they can burden their own economies.

When you read my Research Report you will find a detailed account of Visualant Inc. (VSUL) and its perfect position as an emerging player in this high-tech Security and Defense sectors.

You see, all the bad stuff I've shown you is just a portion of the criminal and terrorist activity going on in the world today.

Here Is The Breakthrough That Could
Power Your Big Stock Market Success

And, Visualant should push itself to the forefront of breaking these criminals backs with a patent-pending technology that provides fast, accurate authentication.

The technology that Visualant sells is called Spectral Pattern Matching.

SPM works on the basis that all dyes, chemicals and natural pigments possess unique spectral signatures - invisible to the human eye - but as absolutely unique as DNA or fingerprints.

VSUL's SPM technology uses a micro-miniature sensor to light up a subject multiple times with changing combinations of colored light...

These are patterns of a light spectrum signature, from near ultra-violet through the visible spectrum and into the near infrared.

233 Times Stronger Than The Human Eye

Human eyes have 3 color receptors: red, blue and green. Shrimp have 17 color receptors. Bumblebees have 32 color receptors: enabling it to see exactly where th nectar is "hiding" in a plant. Visualant's technology uses more than 700+ color receptors. This makes the detection of an object's unique/DNA-like digital signature possible - and makes thousands of applications possible.

Visualant Should Transform The
High-Tech Security Sector

So, even a handheld SPM device can detect an object's unique spectral pattern and then match it against existing databases.

In the case of fake IDs - say a social security card or Green card - the database would have a "DNA" match for the inks and papers used in the real things.

So, SPM can quickly reveal the fake ID of a person who's in the U.S. illegally... someone who has personally cost you more than $11,000 during the past decade.

And because SPM can be easily made into a hand-held or fixed device, it can be used to instantly test documents such as passports, driver's licenses as well as financial instruments such as currencies and checks.

It can even be used to read identification cards that let people in and out of secure buildings.

Even better, in the case of fighting terrorism, an SPM device could be used in airports and ports to scan for explosives.


Small, But Performing Better Than the Big Shots

"SIZE mattered in investing in 2010. Small was definitely better. In the United States and other regions of the world, small-capitalization stocks generally rose more than their larger brethren did, continuing a trend that began in the spring of 2009 when stock markets hit bottom during the worst period of the credit crisis...

"All of the 10 industry sectors that Russell calculates showed better performance by smaller companies, with the widest margin in technology stocks."

Small tech stocks look poised to rule again in 2011.

One such company could be Visualant Inc. The Seattle-base tech upstart has just begun licensing it breakthrough Spectral Pattern Matching technology.

Shaking Up The Market...
Better Than The Competition's

Now, I will agree that some of SPM's same functions can be performed with competing technologies (e.g., facial, retinal, and fingerprint scans; placement of barcodes or holograms on the material; and examination under ultraviolet light), but, as you'll see in my Research Report, none offers the attractive and valuable combination of attributes provided by Visualant's technology.

You see, reading full spectrum color patterns, as well as signatures just outside the visible color spectrum, means the Visualant system is more robust and accurate compared to its competition, which uses black and white readings.

Visualant's SPM Technology Could Give Police,
TSA And Military People A Huge Advantage...

Finally, I want you to imagine the kind of huge edge Visualant's SPM technology gives American first responders...


Immigration officials will be able to search a database of passport photos of every U.S. citizen within seconds to confirm their identity.

The police and FBI will be able to confirm whether or not the driver's license is authentic or a fake... the same goes for multiple other forms of identity such as Government-issued identification documents, state identification cards, military identification, birth certificates, National ID Cards; virtually anything that includes a photograph and/or physical description of the holder.


A technology capable of identifying counterfeit currency without adding new layers of ink, watermarks, holograms, or other methods of security that sophisticated criminals always seem to beat.

A barcode you cannot see which contains far more information than current barcode technology can deliver. Consider a single, invisible small dot carrying pieces of coded identity information, located on a security pass, passport, or shipping container.

Then imagine...

A small device the size of a pen used to identify illicit substances.

A small handheld device that's used to make sure prescriptions drugs made in foreign countries are the real thing.


VSUL Momentum Alert!

The reasons for reading my Special Report on Visualant Inc. (VSUL) are now more compelling than ever.

In it, I'll detail for you the significant deal VSUL just made to license its SPM technology to Seattle-based Javelin. It's an important deal that was first reported by government officials, then by the Defense NewsWire... and all the major defense and security news websites.

So, please read my Special Report ASAP!


This could be the single event that begins to propel VSUL to $2.25.

This Is Why You Must Buy VSUL Now...
While It Trades At Such A Deep Discount

The possibilities and practical applications for Visualant's transformative technology are nearly unlimited.

In short, I can't see into the future when Visualant's SPM technology could be used for cutting edge medical diagnosis... but I do know about today!

In a global economy with growing threats to...

  • Trade secrets/Access Control-China and emerging markets espionage
  • Government Secrets/Access Control-Wiki leaks and the likes
  • Intellectual Property Theft-imitation/fake consumer products
  • Drug and Food Counterfeiting/Tampering-from China and Third World markets into G-20 countries
  • Currency/Document Forgery-rampant in every major country
  • Illicit Substance interdiction-in every major country

Visualant's highly accurate and amazingly low-cost solution addresses a $20B market opportunity that is growing in cost and damage every single day.

This is why I urge you to read my detailed investment-bank quality
Research Report on VSUL, which you can get right here.

Read Full Report Now



Here's How

Here is what you must do now in order to make sure you don't miss out on any part of Visualant's historic position in the high-tech security and defense sector.

1) Go here and read my detailed Research Report on why I am convinced Visualant Inc. (VSUL) is set to treat you to as much as a rapid 570% gain.

Or -

2) Call your broker now and discuss how large a position of Visualant Inc. (VSUL) you can comfortably own. Refer your broker to this report. All the information you've read here is publicly available... easy for your broker to verify. Tell him about me... my credentials. When your broker has done his homework for you I predict he will agree that Visualant Inc. (VSUL) is an opportunity that you must act on now. He will agree that its low price means you should immediately purchase VSUL at the market.

Or -

3) If you take care of your own account, go online now and verify what I have shown you here today. Again, it is all public information. Don't forget to check me out, too.

When you are done... I am confident that you will buy a block of First Visualant Inc. (VSUL)... and you'll do it at a price that could allow you to multiply your money by as much as 6X... book a 570% gain...meet with tremendous stock market success.


Tobin Smith
CEO, NBT Group


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