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Cocaine Submarines, Sea Monsters, and Coca-Cola this Week on Nat Geo

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March 14 - 20

 Photo: Inside Cocaine Submarines
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Inside Cocaine Submarines
SUNDAY at 9P et/pt


Built by hand in the Colombian jungle, cocaine submarines cost $1 million, are packed with electronics, and can carry up to six tons of drugs. Nat Geo takes you behind the scenes of the war between the drug cartels with endless cash and a willingness to try anything and US and Colombian law enforcement with solid technology, but almost insurmountable obstacles.

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This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Secrets of the Hope Diamond
Secrets of the Hope Diamond
TONIGHT at 9P et/pt
The mysterious origins of the Hope Diamond have been hidden under an alleged curse and infatuation for its owners. Now, we'll re-cut the 45-carat gem's history and dig into a monumental theory.
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 Photo: Ultimate Factories
Ultimate Factories: Coca-Cola
- NEW - THURSDAY at 10P et/pt

To meet world demand for one billion servings of Coca-Cola a day, the Coca-Cola Company relies on a massive global supply chain, executed without ever revealing the beverage's famously secret formula.
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 Photo: Fish Warrior
Fish Warrior: Living Dinosaur
- NEW - FRIDAY at 8P et/pt
Following the Fraser River in British Columbia, adventure angler Jakub Vagner is on a mission to catch and release the largest freshwater fish in North America, the white sturgeon.
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 Photo: Alaska State Troopers

Alaska State Troopers

- NEW - SUNDAY at 10P et/pt
Troopers take on drug dealers on the streets of Alaska's largest city, search for an injured hiker in the wilds, and scour Alaska's version of the Everglades for illegal moose hunters.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Beast Hunter
Beast Hunter: Sea Serpent of the North
- NEW - FRIDAY at 9P et/pt

For over a century a sea serpent known as Caddy has been reported swimming off the coast of British Columbia. Can Pat Spain track down the zoological truth behind these astonishing sightings?
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What's on Nat Geo WILD?
Wild Case Files
- NEW - TONIGHT at 9P e/p

Tonight on Nat Geo WILD, Wild Case Files investigates the strangest stories from the natural world. Each episode combines groundbreaking science and classic detective work to unravel the wildest of wild mysteries.
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 Photo: Wild Case Files
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Fish Warrior: Living Dinosaur
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9P et/pt
Secrets of the Hope Diamond
Hard Time: Back on the Streets
Nazi Hunters: Assassin of Rome
- NEW -
Ultimate Factories: Jack Daniel's
Beast Hunter: Sea Serpent of the North
- NEW -
Alaska State Troopers: Highway Hijinks
Inside Cocaine Submarines
10P et/pt
Explorer: Easter Island Underworld
Hard Time: Worst of the Worst
- NEW -
Inside Polygamy: Life in Bountiful
Ultimate Factories: Coca-Cola
- NEW -
Beast Hunter: Nightmare of the Amazon
Alaska State Troopers: Operation Moose Decoy
Alaska State Troopers: Anchorage Undercover
- NEW -

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