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The Roman War Machine and the Rise of Christianity – This Week on Nat Geo Channel

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July 18 - July 24

 Photo: The Egyptian Job
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When Rome Ruled
- NEW - TONIGHT at 9P and 10P et/pt

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Tonight, we present two new episodes of "When Rome Ruled." At 9P et/pt, Rome owed much of its vast power to the legion army, the most disciplined and deadly force in the ancient world. We take you inside this ancient war machine of invaders, killers, peacekeepers and colonists.

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Then, at 10P et/pt, follow the spread of Christianity throughout Rome as it eventually became the official religion of the empire.

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Hard Time
Hard Time:
Women on Lockdown
- NEW - TUESDAY at 10P et/pt
Three female inmates - a first-timer, a career criminal, and a murderer with a life sentence - navigate the challenges and pitfalls of Georgia's toughest women's prison.
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 Photo: Ultimate Factories
Locked Up Abroad:
Drug Dealer Revenge
- NEW - WEDNESDAY at 10P et/pt
Robert Pringle agrees to smuggle drugs out of Peru, but when he gets cold feet and abandons the package, it's only a matter of time before the dealers exact their revenge.
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 Photo: Cocaine Sub Hunt
The Egyptian Job
THURSDAY at 8P et/pt
Four experts come together to attempt to solve one of the greatest crimes of antiquity: how a band of villains managed to break into Hawara, the Fort Knox of Egypt's pyramids, to steal the treasures of Pharaoh Amenemhat III.
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 Photo: The Indestructibles
Monster Fish:
Australian River King
- NEW - FRIDAY at 10P et/pt
The Murray Cod is Australia's largest true freshwater fish, growing up to 6ft long and weighing 250lbs. Find out why these fish are under threat and how scientists are fighting back.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Monster Fish
The Indestructibles:
Electrocuted Skydiver
- NEW - SUN at 10P et/pt

In a skydiving adventure gone horribly wrong, Scott Lutz steered into a high-voltage power line. So how in the world did he survive a 12,000-volt shock?
Watch a Preview >>

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 Photo: Deadly 60
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8P et/pt
When Rome Ruled: The Real Caligula
Alaska State Troopers: Crime Under the Kenai
Breakout: Ohio's Most Wanted
The Egyptian Job
Drugged: High on Ecstasy
Drugged: High on Marijuana
Hitler's Hidden Holocaust
9P et/pt
When Rome Ruled: War Machine
- NEW -
Hard Time: World Without Men
Locked Up Abroad: The Cocaine Trap
Monster Fish: Giant Eels
Hard Time: Women on Lockdown
Hitler's Stealth Fighter
10P et/pt
When Rome Ruled: Rise of Christianity
- NEW -
Hard Time: Women on Lockdown
- NEW -
Locked Up Abroad: Drug Dealer Revenge
- NEW -
Indestructibles: 15,000-Foot Freefall
Monster Fish: Australian River King
- NEW -
Locked Up Abroad: Delhi
Electrocuted Skydiver
- NEW -
Indestructibles: Flying Car Crash
Baby Car Crash
- NEW -

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