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TH Daily - February 03 - Ann Coulter, Jeff Jacoby, Larry Elder, Jonah Goldberg, Michael Barone and More

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What Liberals Don't Know About Guns, Chapter 217
Ann Coulter:

Fresh off of blaming Jared Loughner's killing spree in the Tucson mall on Sarah Palin, liberals are now blaming it on high-capacity magazines. They might as well imprison everyone named "Jared" to prevent a crime like this from ever happening again. ... more

Egypt and the "Freedom Agenda"
Jeff Jacoby:

George W. Bush launched his second term as president with an inaugural address that put the spread of democratic freedoms at the heart of his international agenda. ... more

Egypt: Obama Channels His Inner Neocon
Larry Elder:

Will Egypt prove Bush and the neocons right -- that political freedom and peace are not incompatible in an Arab country in this tough neighborhood? ... more

Obama's Sputnik Analogy Doesn't Fly
Jonah Goldberg:

It's a sign of how tinny and uninspiring President Obama's State of the Union address was that a week later it all seems so forgettable. ... more

Obama's Antique Vision of Technological Progress
Michael Barone:

Barack Obama, like all American politicians, likes to portray himself as future-oriented and open to technological progress. Yet the vision he set out in his State of the Union address is oddly antique and disturbingly static. ... more

The 40th President at 100
Cal Thomas:

On the centenary of Ronald Reagan's birth, I pause for another historic event: agreement with President Obama. ... more

Do-Gooders Mobilize Against Free Speech
Debra J. Saunders:

Forget all that talk about bipartisan civility. ... more

A Fair Look at For-Profit Higher Education
Wendell Cox:

Much has been said and written lately about "for-profit higher education" – in large part because the U.S. Department of Education is expected to soon publish so-called "Gainful Employment" rules that would place de facto mandates on who these schools can teach and what they can be taught. ... more

"Winning the Future" Requires Real Choice
Howard Rich:

In his State of the Union address last week, U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged that America's "free enterprise system is what drives innovation." He also said that if America is to "win the future," then it must first "win the race to educate our kids." ... more

Reagan's Message Still Resonates
Jackie Gingrich Cushman:

This Sunday will mark the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan. ... more

Health Care Reform: A Bridge Too Far
Steve Chapman:

The individual mandate in President Barack Obama's health care reform was a lightning rod for criticism long before it became law. ... more

Conservatives, Liberals and Obamacare
Emmett Tyrrell:

Conservatives and liberals are so different as to be drawn from distinct species of political animals. ... more

Unions to Taxpayers: "Where's the Cash? "
Kyle Olson:

One of the most disturbing results of an adult-focused public education system is the constant focus on money. There is an insatiable thirst on the part of Big Labor to constantly increase spending on public education, because the teachers' unions are mostly concerned with their pensions, paychecks and the union coffers. ... more

ObamaCare and the Islamist Movement
Ross Mackenzie:

The week has brought two potentially future-altering stories -- one out of Florida, the other out of the Middle East. ... more

Golden Parachute for School Superintendent, Lead Balloon for Taxpayers
Kyle Olson:

The next time you hear of a school district that cannot afford new textbooks for its students, or is forced to lay off teachers due to budget constraints, remember the following story. ... more

ObamaCare and the Bench - Why Federal Judges Matter More Now than Ever
Lee Habeeb:

For anyone who doesn't think that judges don't matter, I beg you to read Judge Roger Vinson's remarkable opinion in Florida v. Health and Human Services. ... more

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