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TH Daily - June 12 - Bill O'Reilly, Doug Giles, John C. Goodman, John Ransom, Derek Hunter and More

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Ann Coulter is a Bombshell!

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What Kind of a Country Do You Want?
Bill O'Reilly

If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going
Doug Giles

Reforming Medicare the Right Way
John C. Goodman

Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers
John Ransom

Weiner Galore, a Pipe Dream and a Slick Willie
Derek Hunter

At Least 4 Good Reasons To End the War on Drugs
Debra J. Saunders

Help for the lascivious
Paul Jacob

Employers Drop Insurance Over Obamacare
Bob Beauprez

Kids Win: Colorado School Board Sets Students and Families Free with Voucher Program
Kyle Olson

The "Government Is Always Good" Economy
Austin Hill

Keep Jesus Out of Your Socialism
Michael Youssef

Time for a Return to Checks and Balances
Ken Connor

Put a Magnifier to Your Digital Ant Farm
Mark Baisley

Obama and the Pursuit of Endless War
Steve Chapman

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Latest Political News

TSA Singles Out Special Needs Man

Fighting continues Over ObamaCare

Jennifer Garner: $500 Million for Toddler Care Not Enough

The Light Bulb: One More Symbol of the Nanny State

Conservative Movement

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Yesterday's Top 10 Columns
  1. Hewitt: Missing The News
  2. Olson: Michigan Union Targets Legislator
  3. Burney: The Suicide of a Denomination
  4. O'Reilly: What Kind of a Country Do You Want?
  5. Pavlich: Catastrophic Wildfires? Thank the Greenies and Forest Service
  6. Glick: Yale, Jews and double-standards
  7. Giles: If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going
  8. Limbaugh: 'Demonic' Is Angelic
  9. Malkin: The Government Job-Training Juggernaut
  10. Jacoby: Slash Spending and the Economy Will Bloom
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