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Remembering the 10-Year Anniversary of 9/11: This Week on Nat Geo

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September 5 - 11

 Photo: Inside 9/11
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9/11: 10th Anniversary
ALL DAY THIS SUNDAY starting at 12PM et/pt

PREVIEW: "Inside 9/11">>

This Sunday, in remembrance of the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we're presenting a lineup of some of our best 9/11 documentaries, including "Inside 9/11."

At 5P e/p, Inside 9/11 opens with the dramatic 1993 World Trade Center bombing and tracks terrorist activities aimed at U.S. targets throughout the 1990s.

At 7P e/p, the show continues with the horror and the heroism witnessed on September 11.

National Geographic's Remembering 9/11 Homepage >>

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Secret Service Files
Secret Service Files
3 Episodes TONIGHT at 8P et/pt
Tonight, we present 3 episodes of Secret Service Files. Follow agents as they as they go undercover to infiltrate fraud rings and shut down counterfeit operations.
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Aftermath Population Zero
Aftermath: Population Zero
THURSDAY at 9P et/pt
What would happen if every single person on Earth simply disappeared? Not dead, just gone. We'll examine the impact of human beings by seeing how Earth would adapt without us.
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Jurassic CSI
Jurassic CSI: In the Flesh
- NEW - FRIDAY at 8P et/pt
What did dinosaurs really look like? Paleontologist Phil Manning tries to put scientifically accurate skin on a dinosaur. Using the latest technology, he creates a unique model to bring us closer to understanding how dinosaurs lived and behaved.
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Border Wars
Border Wars: Marijuana Airdrop
- NEW - SUNDAY at 10P et/pt
In Nogales, AZ, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents and officers dismantle a smuggler checkpoint in the remote desert section of Ajo and seize a vehicle carrying weapons and nearly $800,000 into Mexico.
Watch a Preview >>
Photo of the Week
 Photo: Frontier Force
Frontier Force: Trailer Tricks
- NEW - TUES at 10P et/pt

From the Fort Peck Indian Reservation to the Ninemile Ranger Station, Montana's law enforcement battles everything from prostitution to animal herd corralling.
Watch a Preview >>

What's on Nat Geo WILD
Crimes Against Nature: Blood Ivory
- NEW - TUE at 8P et/pt

Follow the Environmental Investigation Agency as they head to Hong Kong and China to investigate the world of elephant poaching and the international ivory trade.
Watch a Video >>

 Photo: Crimes Against Nature
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Prime-Time Schedule
Mon 9/5
Tue 9/6
Wed 9/7
Thu 9/8
Fri 9/9
Sat 9/10
Sun 9/11
8P et/pt
Secret Service Files: Undercover Miami
Alaksa Wing Men: Gold Rush
Border Wars: Contraband Highway
World's Biggest Cave
Jurassic CSI: In the Flesh
- NEW -
Alaska State Troopers: Operation Moose Decoy
Inside 9/11: Zero Hour
9P et/pt
Secret Service Files: Frontline New York
Frontier Force
Border Wars: 3,000-Pound Coke Bust
Aftermath: Population Zero
Peru with Cameron Diaz
- NEW -
Yawanawa with Joaquin Phoenix
- NEW -
Frontier Force
George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview
10P et/pt
Secret Service Files: United Nations Lockdown
Frontier Force: Trailer Tricks
- NEW -
Border Wars: Cocaine Sting
Unlikely Animal Friends
Frontier Force: Trailer Tricks
Border Wars: Marijuana Airdrop
- NEW -

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