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Labor Day: 8 Biblical Principles of Work -- Monday, September 5, 2011

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Labor Day

Labor Day: 8 Biblical Principles of Work
James Eckman
Work: Some hate it. Some love it. Some avoid it. Some do it too much. This remains constant: God has a perspective on our work and we are to align our thoughts with His.
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Preachers and Podiatrists: Is Some Work More Sacred?
Mark Earley
Doing the work that God gifted us for—whether it be government work, writing, or a plumber—does not make us second-class Christians.
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Finding Meaning In Our Work
Matt Bell
I used to think there were two types of jobs in the world: meaningful jobs and all the rest. I now see it differently.
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When You've Been Fired
Dr. Ray Pritchard
I talked with a man who was fired from his job in a public and painful way. This is what he said he learned from it.
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