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TH Daily - September 18 - Derek Hunter, Doug Giles, Larry Kudlow, John Ransom, Salena Zito and More

Despite Solyndra, Energy Department giving out loans faster than before, What's Real, What's Not, Anti-Capitalist "Day of Rage" Protesters Unwittingly Echo the Tea Party ,
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Big Brother, Sketchy Pasts and Those Damn Robots Are Taking Over!
Derek Hunter

Ma, Ma, Ma, My Solyndra
Doug Giles

Mike Bloomberg's Irresponsible Riot Tactic
Larry Kudlow

Email, Hate Mail and Comments from Readers
John Ransom

The Next Wave
Salena Zito

The authority for questions
Paul Jacob

He Made It Worse
Paul Greenberg

Not a Lot to Admire About Admiring O
Jeff Carter

Germany Gives Geithner Stiff Finger
Mike Shedlock

Why Obama Should Withdraw
Steve Chapman

The Government Does Not Create Jobs, President Obama
Austin Hill

A Tree Party Rebellion
Marita Noon

No Worries Mate! Hamas is in Charge
Michael Youssef

The Real Genius of Our Age Never Was Obama
Mark Baisley

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  5. Galen: Trouble Rhymes with Carville
  6. Goodman: The Anti-Labor President
  7. Birdnow: Kathleen Parker's 9/11 Hysteria
  8. Glick: The Palestinian Obsession
  9. Kengor: On the Deficit, the Rich, and the Tea Party
  10. O'Reilly: Are You Poor?
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