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TH Daily - September 14 - Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, John Stossel, Walter E. Williams, Brent Bozell and More

EARTHQUAKE: Republicans Sweep Special Elections in NYC & Nevada, Obama Dealt Historic Rebuke, WH: Come to Think of It, Maybe We Will Compromise on the Jobs Bill After All, Rush: So Bachmann Really Stepped in it with her Gardasil Comments, Huh?,
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Back to the Future: Part II
Thomas Sowell

Obama's Big Green Boondoggles
Michelle Malkin

Ponzi! Ponzi! Ponzi!
John Stossel

Too Much Higher Education
Walter E. Williams

Brian Williams, Shameless Partisan
Brent Bozell

Debate Jars Perry out of Sweet Spot
Jonah Goldberg

The Truth Will Out
Michael Reagan

Are Poor Really Helpless Without Government?
Michael Medved

Tea Party Favorite Blasts Lugar on $165k Fed Subsidies
John Ransom

Authors of Social Security Believed It Was Unconstitutional
Terry Jeffrey

Egyptian Islamist Militants Following Khomeini's Script
Austin Bay

Dave Says How Close Do You Want Your In-Laws?
Dave Ramsey

Lessons from the Embassy Takeover
Caroline Glick

Che Guevara's Bungled 9-11
Humberto Fontova

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Yesterday's Top 10 Columns
  1. Schlafly: College May Be Dangerous for Men
  2. Limbaugh: Memo to GOP
  3. Norris: Feds
  4. Hatch: The Employee Rights Act
  5. Hawkins: 5 Reasons Black Americans Should Give Up On The Democratic Party
  6. Sowell: Back to the Future?
  7. Buchanan: Setting Grandma's Hair on Fire
  8. Thomas: President Obama's Folly
  9. Saunders: Gov. Jerry Brown and 3 Telling Bills
  10. Prager: Lessons from 9/11? What Lessons?
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