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Jr. Swipes Up $280M Oil Deal Behind Conoco's Back - LOGL Could Soar to $7

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3rd Week - September 2011

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PR Newswire 8/18/11 - Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL) announces
an 800%+ production increase on their Kansas site!

Right under their noses, U.S. junior Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL) snaps up prized Canadian oil and gas reserves!

The big boys should have caught this first, but Legend Oil & Gas beat them to it. Now LOGL book value and share prices are ready to soar!

The buy of a lifetime! Updated report online now!

Analysis points to $7.00 stock price from this one
acquisition... longer outlook calls for $20 or better!

Here's what this acquisition means to LOGL shareholders:

  • Proved reserves AND production acquired in one lightning move!
  • Company stock now undervalued by a factor up to
    ten-times today's market price!
  • This deal comes on top of existing Bakken Shale play and growing Kansas production!

Fellow Investor:

The market doesn't often give you opportunities like this. I suggest you move on it immediately.

Legend Oil & Gas (LOGL) just announced a blockbuster deal that could send its stock soaring past $7.00 in the next 60 days. You do not want to be on the sidelines now.

Big oil missed
this buy... don't
you be next!

In one lightning-fast move, LOGL announced intent to acquire all Canadian production and reserves of a Calgary-based oil and gas producer that shifted its focus to other properties.

According to the public record, this deal will send LOGL revenues rising more than ten-fold, literally overnight!

That means one thing...

LOGL could be the most grossly undervalued
stock you'll find in the market today. This
is a "Must Buy" to act on immediately!

Legend management saw this deal and jumped on it even before word got out in the trade. Shareholders are already reaping benefits.

Company management locked in over $400 million in "proved and probable" reserves in the ground for a little more than 4¢ on the dollar!

The acquisition also pumps a quarter-million dollars in monthly oil and gas production to LOGL books and adds huge production upside in new development potential.

These are prime oil-producing assets with enormous development potential. Property locations include Peace River and Medicine River formations in Alberta... and every drop is light sweet crude! No oil sands in this deal!

The market already smells a winner. Volume is
soaring, but the price is still a huge bargain!

Over the last few days, LOGL volume has taken off, but the price is still well below my target buy price. Hopefully, you still have time to grab a bargain here.

I've just completed my updated report on LOGL and you can read it right now by following the link below.

Yours for VERY Profitable Investing,

Don McShane

The McShane Letter

P.S. I saw this coming months ago and put out a buy alert, which has already paid off for early investors. Even following this announcement, LOGL is still a tremendous bargain, perhaps the most undervalued stock you'll find on the market today. My new, updated report, available now through the link above, has all the details.


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