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Cocaine Submarines, T-Rexes, and a Drug-Smuggling Grandma: This Week on Nat Geo

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September 19 - 25

 Photo: Cocaine Submarines
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Cocaine Submarines
Two episodes THIS SUNDAY at 8 and 9P et/pt

PREVIEW: "Inside Cocaine Submarines" >>

This Sunday, National Geographic cameras explore the drug cartels' newest secret weapons: drug-smuggling submarines. Built in the Colombian jungles, they cost millions of dollars, are packed with electronics, and can carry up to six tons of cocaine. Then, go behind the scenes of the war between the drug cartels - with endless cash and a willingness to try anything - and US and Colombian law enforcement.

PREVIEW: "Cocaine Sub Hunt" >>

This Week's Highlights
 Photo: Drugs, Inc.
Drugs, Inc.
TONIGHT starting at 8P et/pt
Some call methamphetamine the "Devil's Drug." Often made in less than an hour from a common cold remedy, this powerful stimulant is sweeping across the U.S. and Asia.
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 Photo: Frontier Force
Frontier Force:
Meth Van Takedown
- NEW - TUESDAY at 10P et/pt
Whether in the college town of Bozeman or the backcountry, Montana's law enforcement needs to be prepared for anything.
Watch a Preview >>
 Photo: Search for Noah's Ark
Search for Noah's Ark
THURSDAY at 10P et/pt
Examine the latest clues and theories that attempt to confirm the biblical account of Noah's ark and the flood. Satellite imagery of mountaintops and underwater geological surveys help dissect the story timeline from God's warning to the receding waters.
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 Photo: Border Wars: Drug-Smuggling Grandma
Border Wars:
Drug-Smuggling Grandma
- NEW - SUNDAY at 10P et/pt
Employing a Blackhawk helicopter and ATVs, agents arrest a suspected smuggler backpacking drugs into the U.S. Meanwhile, officers at a port of entry stop an unlikely but increasingly common smuggler - an elderly woman.
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Photo of the Week
 Photo: Inside T-Rex
Inside T-Rex
- NEW - FRI at 8P et/pt

In the cutthroat world of the ultimate apex predators, dinosaurs suffered colossal injuries and limped through a world rife with deadly infection and diseases. How did these amazing beasts manage to thrive despite their violent surroundings?
Watch a Preview >>

What's on Nat Geo WILD
Meet The Harpy Eagle
TONIGHT at 10:30P et/pt

In Panama, Steve Backshall searches high and low for the magnificent harpy eagle. Fewer than 50,000 remain, spread out through the forests of Central and South America.
Watch a Video >>

 Photo: Meet the Harpy Eagle
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Sun 9/25
8P et/pt
Drugs, Inc.: Meth
Alaska Wing Men: Explosive Cargo
Border Wars: No End in Sight
When Rome Ruled: Secrets of the Gladiators
Jurassic CSI: Inside T-Rex
- NEW -
Alaska State Troopers: Highway Hijinks
Inside Cocaine Submarines
9P et/pt
Drugs, Inc.: Heroin
Frontier Force: Cowboy Mardi Gras
Border Wars: Marijuana Airdrop
Finding Atlantis
Amish on Break
Frontier Force: Cowboy Mardi Gras
Cocaine Sub Hunt
10P et/pt
Explorer: Marijuana Nation
Frontier Force: Meth Van Takedown
- NEW -
Border Wars: Smuggler's Tunnel
Search for Noah's Ark
Frontier Force: Meth Van Takedown
Border Wars: Drug-Smuggling Grandma
- NEW -

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