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3D Does Little to Improve The Lion King -- Friday, September 16, 2011

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Movie Reviews

3D Does Little to Improve The Lion King
Christa Banister
Still a memorable story 17 years later, The Lion King in 3D format does little, if anything, to improve upon the original.
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Church Leadership

How to Teach/Preach Truths They Will Always Remember
Joe McKeever
Church people hear hundreds of messages, lessons, and sermons. They are fed such a relentless stream of revelations, insights, truths, principles, and biblical information that few of them walk into the sanctuary, take their seats, and look toward the pulpit expecting to hear something life-changing.
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Spiritual Life

A Canvas in Underoos
Jay Sampson
God is really good with parables. Go figure...
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Reflect God's Radiance in Your Life
Whitney Hopler
People discover God when they see His light reflected in the lives of those who are already connected to Him: Christians.
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Where There's a Spark, There's Fire: Healing Marital "Hot Spots"
Dr. David
If you've been in a relationship longer than two months, you know there are "hot spots" that must be carefully navigated around...
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Make Me Happy!
Sarah Phillips
What happens when the giddy feelings of personal "completeness" fade? When flaws and hardships overwhelm early romance?
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Today's Devotional

Fear of Global Calamity (from "UpWords, with Max Lucado")
You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed (Matt. 24:6).
Jesus equipped his followers with farsighted courage.
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